Salvador Castaneda

Salvador Castaneda is one artist who knows how to appreciate the good things in life. His passion lies within the action filled world of rock music and tattoos. He has been playing the guitar since he was 12. His tattoo business and music always go hand in hand. Although not a fan of books and films, Salvador rarely misses rock concerts.

According to him rock or hard rock is what inspires him and pushes him on. He values all kinds of customers but people who understand that the artist knows best are definitely in his good books. His style being freedom to etch with his imagination and instinct. His style includes traditional portrait in the grey shading. The fine lines of his pieces betray their artist very easily.

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Tattoo by: Salvador Castaneda 

He says there are a lot of secrets to learn and the world of tattoos is somewhat complicated. He himself focuses on the deatils, the outline and inside work most.

He has worked in Chicago and San Francisco which he finds is much more bohemian, different from the rest. He dreams of working in the northern United States, New York, San Francisco. A restless person and an athlete through and through he spends two or three short hours in the gym more or less, and focuses on living a healthy lifestyle.