How long have you been tattooing?

I started tattooing in 2013, so 8 years now, although you could lose a year of that after this crazy year we’ve just got through! 

Have you opened your own tattoo studio?

Yes, I have, through the lockdowns I have built my own custom tattoo studio called Prophecy International Tattoo Gallery. 

What is the location & working artists?


It is based in Exeter, Devon UK, situated right in the heart of the English holiday area, 5 minutes from a national park & 20 minutes from the beaches! 


We have some resident artists in the studio currently which are me, Anthony Lennox (Lennoxtattoos) & Calix (Calixtattoos), two apprentices & also Tin Machado will be joining us once he can get out of Argentina. Eventually, when travel gets back to normal we will have a plethora of worldwide talent regular guests such as Ad Pancho, Sandra Daukshta, Jay Freestyle, Sandry Riffard, Rich Harris & many many more. 




What are your dreams for the future?


In the future, I would like to make my way to America for the first time & spend some time there creating artwork & collaborating with many friends I have met over the years from there. Getting my collaboration events “The Kaos Theory Project” back on the go & look to create some more unique events for our industry. 


Which tattoo conventions are the best in your eyes?


Well, nothing can replace the London Tattoo Convention, which was without a shadow of a doubt an institute in our field & the best show in the world. I am honored I was able to work on such a highly acclaimed show for the last 4 consecutive years. I was lucky enough in those years to also scoop 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Best of Show Awards which are moments I will never forget. A close second favorite of mine is the almighty Milano tattoo convention which I regularly participate in & also won best of show two years in a row collaborating with Jay Freestyle there. The third would have to be the huge Paris Tattoo Convention, I’ve worked it once & it was epic! Unfortunately, my second time featuring there was canceled because of the Covid19 pandemic. 

How would you describe your tattoo style?


Well, I love to tattoo everything, but my primary style is jeweled & floral ornamental work. Delicate, elegant, flowing lines & dotwork encapsulating the client’s own natural body shapes & finished off with beautiful bright color that pops in a perfect juxtaposition with the blacks & greys of the structural work. 


What tattoo products are the best on the market after your opinion?






During & Aftercare is a mixture of: 

H2Ocean cream & foams 

Tattoo Armour 




Needle Holder:

Stinger Storage 

What was the first tattoo you made?

The first tattoos I made are three cherry blossoms that are on my leg. 


What or who inspires you?

All my inspiration comes from the love, light & beauty of life & all that is the source. 


Are there any tattoo artists you admire?


I admire many artists for many different reasons. Some of my current favorite artists are: 

  • Jay Freestyle 
  • Ad Pancho 
  • Viktor Portugal 
  • Mashkow 
  • Nikko Hurtado 
  • Black Sanchez 
  • Calix 
  • Jacob Sheffield 



Have you tattooed anyone famous? 

The famous people I have tattooed mainly have been porn stars & models, to be honest with you, but I have tattooed some Olympians too. 


Are you still running The Kaos Theory Project? 

Yes, I am still running it although right now with all the travel restrictions we are finding it impossible to arrange the events. Our next event features me, Ad Pancho, Rich Harris & Sandra Daukshta, but we just cannot nail a date down with the restrictions. We may well do an event in England before this pained one with 4 English artists as we seriously miss the big crazy collaboration sessions of The Kaos Theory Project.



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