Photo by @kamila_burzymowska during Brussels Tattoo Convention

Ruby Alexia

Beautiful Fetish Model



Photos by @busha_bailey


Photo by @busha_bailey

When did you start working as a model?

I started working as an alternative glamour model in mid 2017, and slowly progressed to fetish modelling, too.

What would you say to yourself and what advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the time when you started posing in front of the camera?

I would tell myself that it is important to understand the importance of doing what you enjoy, rather than what pays better. I don’t particularly regret anything in my career, but I now have more value in making myself happy and being respected as a model, than what I am being paid.




Photo by @kamila_burzymowska


How do tattoos on your body affect your career?

I first started glamour modelling with far fewer tattoos, and was made aware early on that this could impact my career in terms of being published or hired by more mainstream companies. However, I love being tattooed and the individuality and expression it brings to my body, and have found that I, and many other models, are embraced for this in the alternative modelling community. I am now mainly hired because I am tattooed and alternative.


Photos by @busha_bailey

Photo by @busha_bailey

You have many successes, which of them is the most valuable for you?

Thank you! My biggest success so far was catwalking at one of my favourite events, the German Fetish Ball. It is a wonderful and inclusive community whom I have looked up to and felt part of for a while, so it was an honour to be part of the show in 2019 with Luna’s Latex.


What do you like most about being photographed?

I’m usually so shy around the camera! I only feel comfortable modelling lingerie/fetish or nude, as I am expressing myself. I can project my sexuality, my feelings, and how I like to see myself, and I love how this reflects in the images. I don’t particularly like fashion work as I am presenting a garment, as opposed to myself.



Photos by @busha_bailey

Photo by @busha_bailey

You are not only a photo model but you are also a hostess on tattoo conventions. How do you find yourself at such events?

Yes, I was lucky enough to have been invited to model at the Brussels Tattoo Convention in 2019, which was absolutely wonderful. I loved the atmosphere created by people from all over the world coming together to celebrate the art of tattooing and share their common interests. I’d love to do many more like this when normality resumes in the world!


What are your other hobbies except modeling and what do you like to do in your free time?

I’m also a bass player for industrial metal band, FLEISCH. We are based in the UK and have toured around the country, as well as multiple cities in mainland Europe. I love to travel, and will jump at any opportunity to do so through either modelling or music! I also love to travel to attend fetish events and goth clubs- I miss it a lot!


Photo by @busha_bailey

What are your biggest dreams?

I hope to continue travelling in order to meet and work alongside creatives, such as designers, photographers, and makeup artists all over the world. One day I’d love to learn to get behind the camera, too!



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