Redefining Body-art for Women in China:

Zhou Dan Ting is redefining body-art and what it means and is, for women in China. The female Shanghai based tattoo artist, is herself covered in tattoos and loves the aesthetic. Zhou does however, feel that most of her country men today, misunderstand body-art.
Her countrymen don’t understand, what tattoos and piercings actually are.

Zhou is no stranger to adversity. Despite being one of China’s top tattoo artists, she is also the first woman to ever open her own studio, in China. In such a conservative country women are still not seen as business capable, not even in the tattoo industry. But Zhou has done is and not only does she fight for herself now, she fights for other women too.

Zhou feels tattoos are all about self-expression and seizing yourself. That is what she wants to teach her country. That not just for men, but perhaps especially for women, tattoos are a form of expressing yourself and seizing your own identity. She wants to fight the old stigmas that especially women with tattoos face in China. Even in China, as Zhou has witnessed, the tattoo industry has exploded in reason years, so it is time those old views changed.

The Changing Times in China:

As Zhou herself also recognizes in a “Now This” interview: The times are changing in China. Things are a lot better than they used to be. Now a days, people can be positive when seeing a tattooed woman in China and people are opening up towards tattoos in general.
People are opening up towards, that tattoos can be a positive thing on a woman and even make her look good.

So people are opening up to the idea, that tattoos can be a way of self-expression, a way to stand out and mark yourself within the crowd.
Especially recognizing that women can use tattoos this way is important. Because like in the western world, Chinese women now make up most of the clientele for tattoo artist. Not only that, but women are earning more and more, so they are a much bigger force in the Chinese economy, making them able to afford much more expensive tattoos and other body-art.

Zhou fights the old stigmas. She knows that everyone with a tattoo used to be stigmatized, people would think they were criminals or might have gone to jail. But for women the stigma was even worse. People would tell women horrible stuff if they had tattoos.
Like telling them they couldn’t have a family later on or couldn’t get a job and worse.

Final Comments:

Hopefully Zhou Dan Ting, gets to succeed in her fight. Despite how the times are changing in China, we have seen similar change in the west, yet stigma still persists (at least to some extent). We here at MediaZink support Zhou Dan Ting’s fight to redefine tattoos for women in China. Hopefully 2018 might be her year, we look forward to seeing her succeed!

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