Copenhagen, 3rd of February 2016

To: Embassy of Japan in Denmark thru

From: The Professional Non-profit Network of Independent Tattooers in Denmark

Re: The situation towards Japanese Tattoo Artists in Japan

To whom it might concern.

We are aware of the situation that goes on in Japan regarding the Tattoo Artists and have the following comments:

The art of tattooing is evidencely dated back to 7000 before Christ. Traces of tattooed mummified bodies and entire mummified bodies have been found different places all over the world.


Private Photo:

In many Continents and Regions, Countries, deep in jungles and among the native people, ao Greenland Inuits, Borneo Head Hunters, and many more to mention the art and culture of tattooing have been part of many proud traditions and ceremonies. Tattoos are meaningful and important to the bearer and a lifestyle to dedicated and skilled tattoo artists all over the globe. The art of tattooing along with cave paintings might some of the oldest art forms in the world.

The art of Japanese  Tattooing, the legends, the artists and the beautiful and fantastic tattoos are admired both from tattoo fans and non-tattooed. Books have been written, films inspired by the tradition and many countries have been the proud hosts to your world famous tattooers.

We all face and fulfill more regulations and demands for our trade – no doubt, that we are very aware of the necessity of education and training concerning hygiene and quality standards in our field for our trade – but every professional tattoo artist biggest concern is or should be, of course, the security of our clients AND ourselves.

Being a tattoo artists is not only a ”job” compared to other trades. Being a tattoo artist is a lifestyle. We travel around the world in order to highten our skills and learn from each other, we do arrange international and national tattoo conventions, seminars, hygiene courses and many other events in order to provide the tattooers with the necessary education and insight to the trade of tattooing. We do set limits beyond the laws and rules our governments set for us. We do have personal limits for which kind of design we tattoo, where we put it, and on who we put the tattoo. Tattoo Artists are responsible and dedicated people.

Tattoo artists work with, live and breath, even dream about tattoos 24 hours. We have thousands of drawing lessons, we have years of experience and we have an international familiar bond with fellow tattooers around the globe. Tattoo Artists have no intentions to harm our clients, on the contrary we do have the obligation and responsibility to inform our clients how to treat the tattoo and with what.

Therefor we express our deepest concern towards our Japanese collegues who are now arrested, and set up with requirements  beyond our imagination. Tattooers are not doctors and doctors are not tattooers – Yes we break the skin barriere but we can perform safe tattooing in our clinical surroundings. Demands for hygiene courses etc. Fullfill these demands along with sterile and appropriate handling of our equipment.

In Denmark The Professional Independent Tattooers is the largest network of tattooers, apprenticies, helpers and owners of Tattoo Parleurs. We cooperate with the Danish Authorities and Politicians in order to create the best working conditions, rules, laws and security for our clients, our shops and ourselves.

We work in close cooperation with both the EU-comitee for new EU Standards for Tattooing in EU. We are several tattoo artists in the Danish Standard Commitee to develop and set the standards for the Danish Tattoo Scene. And we cooperate with fellow tattooers organisations in many other countries.

Therefor we would like to recommend to Japanese Authorities, Government, specially Health and Environment Minstries and Departments to cooperate with the Japanese Tattoo Artists to work out satisfying legislation for the Japanese Tattoo Scene. A good and constructive cooperation is highly to be recommended.

On behalf of

The Danish Professional Independent Tattooers

Kind regards,

Tatto-Liz of Copenhagen, Denmark

Founder and Spokes person