Pyrohex is a high octane pyro-fire-ethereal performance group situated in London, UK.

The group consists of 4 females and a male. They don’t just have tattoos that attract a wide range of fans but also their thrill to play with fire has made them move to the top notch list of fans.

Cervena Fox said that she began a fire group in 2013 called Pyrohex and got some of her dearest companions to join in on this wild experience. They went around the UK and Europe performing at clubs/celebrations/auto appears, any occasion where they could demonstrate their aptitudes off to the maximum! You can discover them on Instagram, Facebook and twitter for upgrades!


She stated, “Something that I feel says considerable measures in regards to me are my tattoos. I generally take ages to choose one. My first tattoos were the swallows on my hips, taking after that I then had my leg corseting done. I thought that it was amusing at the time as I had no piercings yet cherished girdles. The privateer sleeve epitomizes the more devilish side of my identity, the female character portrayed I really drew when I was 16! My fox sleeve was attracted and arranged school while investigating Japanese mythology and has just as of late been created in tattoo shape.

My work has been showing signs of improvement and better known as of late and each achievement pushes me forward. I have included on a couple title pages of magazines and in music recordings and am extremely headed to deliver more. ”

Similarly, Shelly d’Inferno is a tattooed model, performer, fashion designer, make-up artist and photographer. She has been included in the option scene since numerous years back, and has graced the fronts of a few universal magazines, for example, Bizarre Magazine, Skin Deep, Tattoo Italia and Advanced Photographer.

Amid early teenagers she explored different avenues regarding photo shooting and found her energy for modelling, photography and styling, which she went up against as a profession in the wake of moving to London.

In 2013, Shelly was a piece of establishing another discharge gather called Pyrohex and went up against yet another calling as a shoot entertainer. She rehearses expressions of the human experience of poi, fire eating/breathing/body blazing, twofold staffs, sai sharp edges and point crushing. Pyrohex has performed at UK and France’s greatest metal celebrations Download and Hellfest, alongside numerous different occasions and scenes.

As a lady of many exchanges, Shelly has a tendency to be drawn towards numerous inventive and flexible styles, which we can see by review her demonstrating portfolio, as well as her own particular photography and cosmetics looks. Citing her own particular words Shelly clarifies she would never be stuck in one type and that she knows herself as somewhat of a shape-moving wild-kid who sees excellence in a considerable measure of things.

Rebecca Crow is also a part of this group.


Here is pictures from the only male in Pyrohex: