PYROHEX is one of Europe’s hottest fire & aerial entertainment acts and has since 2013 performed at some of the biggest music, tattoo, and club events around the world.

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PYROHEX consists of well-known performers from several areas of the alternative scene. This hot group consists of the amazing Shelly d’Inferno, Dani Divine, Gem Dee, Alenee Aisha, and Sununu Hernandez. Their main element is fire, mixed in with a perfect blend of metal, danger, and talent. You can also catch them flying high in various aerial acts, shooting sparks with power tools, shock you with freak-show tricks or giant pyrotechnics!

Their show is amplified with a fierce attitude, tattoos, and a rock ‘n’ roll spirit. You can’t take your eye off them! While standing in front of the stage, you admire PYROHEX and you don’t even want to blink an eye so as not to miss something. They have so much sex, energy, strength, and talent that after their show you will have enough emotions for a long time.

You could saw PYROHEX them during HellFest, Wacken, Download, M’era Luna, and Bloodstock. They have also taken part in many tattoo and auto conventions such as London Tattoo Convention, Brussels Tattoo Convention, Australia Tattoo Expo, and Hell’s Week.

PYROHEX has an incredible ever-growing fan base and the largest social media following within fire performing groups peaking at 170k (2019) across their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. Surely, their fans were dragged by their amazing stage charisma and being extremely hot!

As a visitor to tattoo conventions and a photographer at such events, I am always looking forward to PYROHEX’s performance. The whole group is very talented, professional and makes you want to watch them all the time. They also take part in photo sessions. See for yourself PYROHEX during the shooting for artist Frank Riot & Dafydd Owen.

As I said, there is never too much of this group of crazy and beautiful people, so be sure to visit their Instagram and see more photos and videos with their participation.


All photos were taken by Kamila Burzymowska during Brussels Tattoo Convention and Tattoo Konwent.