Using Her Looks and Platform To Help Others:

Josefine is quite the fit and beautiful Swedish woman today. Whether she is showing off her form in the gym or posing in a bikini on a beach, Josefine looks absolutely stunning. But @pt_jossan, as she is known as on Instagram, is not your average Instagram hottie. Other than sporting great colorful tattoos and an incredible body, she works hard to put across a very positive message: She wants everyone to be happy and healthy, in their own skin. She is body positive through and through, doing her best to remind people, that we need to be satisfied with ourselves, instead of just listening to what other people think.

The Interview:

1. Where are you from and what age are you?

I grew up on Gotland, Swedens largest Island, on a farm. Living in Stockholm for the moment and turning 28 in a few Days.

2. You beat anorexia and today you are a fitness guru, so to speak, on
instagram, how did you do it?

Well explaining how I beat anorexia would be a 100 page long essay. Long story short, I got sick around age 11-12 and got hospitalized at 21. At that moment I was so sick that I could have dropped dead any second. I wanted to get healthy cause I couldnt take it anymore, I had no energy left to be sick and I knew that I would die if I didnt take the fight. I was hospitalzed for almost a year, gaining weight and trying to learn to have a normal relationship with food again. One turning Point was when my mother said to me that she really thought she was going to loose me. The knowledge that Id caused my mum so much pain was horrific. It had me fighting anorexia even harder. I understood that what I was doing to myself didnt only effect me, but it effeted all people around me. Since then it has been a constant struggle with buildning a positive body image and accepting myself and my body.  It hasnt been easy and yet today I wouldnt say Im 100% healthy, I dont Think Ill ever be, but I can Control my negative thoughts, and they come ones every week instead of being the only thing I Think about 24 hours a day.

3. You seem to have a very clear and body positive message, any tips for
young boys and girls out there?

My tips when having negative thoughts is to stop and reflect whether you would consider saying these things to your best friend. If not, why should you treat yourself and your body with less respect than you treat others? Instead of focusing on the bad things (which we humans are really good at) try focusing on the good things. It is really easy to have a negative thought pattern, try breaking this by doing affirmations: Sit down every day and write down 3 positive things about yourself. It can be anyhing. Slowly your brain will start changing its old ways and positive thinking will become the best habit you will ever have!

4. Other than an incredible body that you haveclearly worked hard to
get, you sport some awesome tattoos;

when did you get your first tattoo?

I got my first tattoo when I was 18. Its a small text in latin “Alis volat propriis” which means “She is flying on her own wings”. Back then it was a statment that anorexia couldnt rule me, eventhough I was pretty sick at the moment. Nowadays its all melted in in my sleeve.

Does any of your tattoos have anything to do with your body positive

No not really. My first tattoo that I just mentioned was more like a f*ck you to anorexia. None of my tattoos means something, I get the question a lot but seriously, its just awesome art. I do have my mum, my dad, my sisters and my nanas name tattoed, those four are the only thing that means something to me.

5. What do your clients think of your tattoos, in your job as a personal

Only positive comments. Today an older lady stoped to look at it and she thought they were so cool. An 8-year old boy on the other hand wondered why I have a dead lady tattoo on my foot. I Think in this profession its very common that people have tattoos and therefore it has become very accepted. In my former work as an Economist it was an whole different story though.

6. What’s your favourite tattoo so far and do you have any big tattoo
plans in the near future?

Aaaah! I love them all so much! Usually the favourite one is the last one I did so I will have to answer my rose on my right hand. Ive got so many plans and dont know where to start. I want to finish my second sleeve and I want to build more on the thigh. Usually I have no idea what I want to do, I have all my trust in my awesome tattoo artist Roger Axelsson (roger_axelsson on instagram FYI). He is the best one out there and I wouldnt Dream about letting any one else tattoo me, haha! The normal procedure is that I book a time with him and I have some vague ideas which he turns in to awesome art. I do want to get a elephant flying away in a ballon though.

7. Despite being a hot tattoo babe on Instagram, unlike many others, you
seem to advocate a lot for people loving their own skin, why is that so
important to you?

I have spent so many years and so many hours hating my body and myself and looking in the rare mirror it was a waste of time. I try to inspire others to Think positive about themselves and their bodies. Loving the skin you are in enriches Life so much more than going around hating it. My tough journey makes it all Worth it when I get DM’s from people telling me how much my story has helped them!

8. What is your next goal with your body? perhaps the front cover of a
tattoo magazine or poster girl for a convention or the like?

Oh, hard question! Eventhough I run a public instagram page Im a pretty uncomfortable in front of the camera and actually hate people looking at me (not a good quality when having a lot of tattoos since it Draws some attention haha). My next goal is to continue to build a strong healthy body and try to inspire as many as possible to train for Health and not for aesthetic reasons and of course, if Adidas would like to sponsor me I wouldnt say no, haha!!

9. Any future plans we and your fans should know about or a final
comment for the people readin this interview?

Future plan: Buy a big house so I can build a gigantic gym, just for me! Fun fact: I used to play soccer, defender of course. Since I was not that fast ( hate running) I was pretty rough and I Think I can say with 100 % honesty that I had the most yellow and red cards in the team. Rugby would probably be a better sport for me, haha!

Final Comments and Gallery:

Indeed Josefine is quite the girl. Having gone through hell herself and fought for many years to get a more positive self-image and believe in herself. She knows more than most what a struggle it can be and she does all she can to help others to believe in themselves. Whether it is in her job as a personal trainer, helping people to achieve their fitness goals. Or in how she tries to always spread a body positive message through her Instagram. She does all she can, to help people to love themselves and their own bodies more. Just as she has and still fights to love her own skin. Indeed she is quite the noble and beautiful young woman and we here at Mediazink are big fans of what she is trying to do.

The way she wants to help people and inspire them is in itself so inspiring to us! We hope she will go far with her gorgeous looks and tattoos, and her just as beautiful message. She certainly inspires us and we hope she will inspire you as well.


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