Headliner Advertise – 7 days

Euro: 600

Top Menu – 7 days

Euro: 300

News Section – 7 days

Euro: 400

Sub Menu – 7 days

Euro: 200

Country Ink – Select Country – 7 days

Euro: 250



All prices are without 25% sales tax.
Companies with a valid tax number outside Denmark and members of EU. Will not have tax applied.
The tax number will be checked for validation.
No valid tax number given we add 25% Danish tax/VAT on top.

100% upfront payment before 14 days of campaign start.

The advertise material must be emailed to: contact@mediazink.com
Maximum 3 days after payment and minimum 7 days before campaign start.
Must be in correct size for oploads in Jpeg or png files only.

Headliner, Size Wide, 980* Height 180 Pixels
Other ads, Size Wide, 280* Height 620 Pixels

Opdate July 2019.