First Our Condolences:

You would have had to live under a rock, if you worked with anything to do with the tattoo industry. To not know about this man, at least in Europe. We here at Mediazink, would first like to extent our gratitude towards this man and the work he has done, for the tattoo industry and culture. As well as extent our deepest condolences and heartfelt sorrow, for his family which he is leaving behind.

Hopefully it will give them some consolation, even in the smallest extent. To know that Mediazink, surely along with most of the tattoo world, researchers in the field, ink manufacturers and more, are mourning his passing dearly.
This is truly a great loss for many people, but we will not let his work be in vain. Hopefully his peers along with us, will continue to lift his torch, and carry it on. Working for the acceptance and understanding, of tattoos and tattoo culture.

Though you are not with us anymore, we thank you for all you have done for tattooing Gerald and we mourn for your family in these days and hope that they will be okay.

Gerald Prior; Scientist and the “Tattoo Lawyer”:

Gerald Prior was first and foremost, a scientist. Dr. Gerald Prior as he was indeed known, founded the german based company CTL, a company which for decades have tested tattoo inks. His company, worked together with tattoo ink manufacturers, on their initiative, in order to make the inks safer. All way before there was any talk of legislation from Europe, or any individual nations on the area.

His company has build a legacy, as the best in the world at what they do. They have worked with manufacturers all over the world from USA and Canada, to countries all over Europe. His tattoo laboratorium, has led the way within science, to forming a greater understanding of tattooing. As well as helping build a safer industry, for especially the individuals that go under the needle. All by working together with the tattoo industry and helping to develop a safer industry, especially the inks.

In many ways, he came to affectionately be known, as the “tattoo lawyer”, as Danish tattooer Liz Kierstein says;
“He stood up for tattooing, backed up by his vast scientific knowledge and know how, and backed us up, even against other scientists, he was a wonderful man, a great scientist and a good friend to the industry”.
Surely it cannot be said any better than that. Gerald Prior, saw tattooing and tattoo artist for what it truly is. He treated it fairly and researched it in that light too. A great scientist indeed.

Final Comments:

We do not want to say so much more about Gerald, hopefully the few people who did not know him, will look up his work and get to know what this great man did. We are so heartbroken and sad that he is gone, way too soon indeed and we once again reach out with our most heartfelt condolences to his family.

Please go look at the work of this great man, help improve the world of tattooing like he would want it.
We here at Mediazink will do our best to help the way we can. Please follow us on Instagram (@Mediazink_Official), Facebook and Youtube for more news, and be safe people.

Also, pleast check out CTL’s website, if you want to know more about this great company and the work of Gerald Prior.