Our french girl is known by Cynthia Offishal name

Overactive, she is used to living in the fast lane. A real business woman!
She starts posing for amateur photographers at 17. At the same time, Cynthia becomes barmaid then performer. Its thirtieth anniversary is combined with radical upheaval. Indeed, if until now his body had only a few tattoos, his skin is transformed by “Zek, alias Pascal Pasek” (tattoo artist and owner of LX tattoo in Luxemburg / Hayange tattoo underground in France). He becomes her sponsor and begins her transfer.

28 artists from around the world follow one after another, alternately continuing to ink her arms, legs, belly, hands and her face.

2018 is an important year in her career. The native of the Grand-Est region in France is embarking on the world contest organized by the famous magazine “INKED”. While among the 10 000 participants, there are the most famous models of the tattoo planet, Cynthia finished in 11th place, the only representative of the old continent. A guest at Harley Davidson of Scottsdale Arizona for the private party of the magazine, Cynthia Offishal stays in the USA during 15 days. She wins 14 shootings in 6 days in Scottsdale, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. 14 shots directed by very great photographers such as Steven Bagley, Radiant Inc or Keith Selle.

In March 2019 she released her brand of clothing and accessories “OFFISHAL”.

Today, the beautiful French girl with a thousand faces achieves her objective. In addition to being invited to participate in tattoo conventions in many different countries (Luxemburg, France, Sweden…), she is finally offered editos. As a first, the publication in THE ULTRAVIOLET MAGAZINE, is the consecration. The little Frenchy one meter sixty-four is published in the United States