The Osaka Court Speaks Out Against Tattooing:

This week after a year in court the Osaka Court in Japan, made their first ruling in an important case. The case is the one of the tattoo artist Taiki Masuda, and indeed against all tattooing in Japan. We have previously posted an article on Mediazink about the case, so we won’t go into too much detail here.

Basically the court has ruled in favour of the Japanese government, and against tattoo artists. Despite all the campaigning done by Save Tattooing in Japan, they have so far lost the case. This means that in order to be a tattoo artist in Japan, at least in Osaka so far, you need a medical license.

This for all intents and purposes, outlaws all current tattoo artists in Japan. This can possibly drive the whole tattoo industry in Japan, underground once again. Like it used to be for many years.

The Fight Goes On; Hoping for an Appeal:

All hope is not necessarily lost though, the opposition that sides with Taiki Masuda and tattoo artists in Japan, are moving for an appeal of the court decision. So the fight goes on, hopefully tattooing in Japan can be saved, from being criminalized. Please go show support on facebook by liking Save Tattooing In Japan and help out however you can.

Hopefully you do what you can, so we can help one of the oldest, most well preserved and revered tattoo cultures in the world, maintain its status. Please don’t forget to follow Mediazink on FacebookYouTube and Instagram (@Mediazink_Official), for more awesome articles and other content.