As a photographer, I see many inspiring art forms, but many of them are nothing new. It is difficult to do something fresh and surprising these days. Once, while browsing Instagram, I came across the Operedaltro profile. I was charmed! It’s definitely something that attracts attention and gives something to think. Among the beautiful, sometimes even perfect photos of models on Instagram, the works of Operedaltro do not let them pass by indifferently. After all, the Internet does not offer us such images. How this artist connects totally two different worlds in one photo is definitely admirable. Therefore, get to know him better and see his wonderful digital art!

Operedaltro is actually Luigi and in 2017 he started the “Operedaltro” project


As he says “Since I was a teenager I’ve been fascinated by digital technologies. Making photomontages and memes to have fun with friends is one of the many possibilities that those technologies offer =P, and that’s exactly how I started getting involved into digital art.”


Operadaltro began with a modification of Vermeer’s painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring”: He cut the girl’s mouth away and substituted it with a shot of a mouth biting a hot-dog. Some friends of him liked the result so much that they pushed him to continue producing similar pictures, and in a few days he produced tens of similar collages that shortly after he gathered in a facebook page.



The aim of my digital collages is to make our era burst into and crash with the elegance of pieces of art coming from our cultural heritage.

The photos I use are mostly from the model profiles on IG, which are contentwise and stylewise at variance with the artworks I choose to modify, artworks coming instead from a timespan ranging from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. I believe that the conflict between these two worlds emerging from my pictures, is a powerful mean to highlight the messages I want to give; moreover the more explicit communication form of the photos used can attract the younger generations towards the masterpieces from the past. – said Luigi.



Do you like Operedaltro works? We are sure you will. You can see more of his digital art when you click the button below. We recommend it!

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