Nyhavn 17 in Copenhagen Won Their Case in Court

The World´s oldest tattoo parlor who are in function today won the appeal court.
So with 2 win in the system it seems that the shop has survived.
Huge gratulations from Mediazink!

Nyhavn 17 Copenhagen

Mediazink covered the case earlier in 2018.
View the article here:

Nyhavn 17; The Fight Goes On

At London Tattoo Convention

Selected tattoo artists in Nyhavn 17
• Tusch-Hans’ was Nyhavn 17’s first tattoo artist in the late 1800s. He shared the room with a barber.
•’Tattoo-Jack’ tattooed in the store from 1937 until a prison sentence in 1947. He lived in the 30 square meter basement room with his wife and three children.
•John Larsen, also known as ‘Tato-John’ or ‘Dullerknaller’, tattooed primarily in the 70s in one of Ole’s two rooms.
•Majbritt Petersen, also known as ‘Little Ole’, took over the store in 2007 as its first female proprietor.

Owner and CEO of The World Oldest Tattoo Shop Majbritt” Lille Ole” Petersen.
She is a qualified tattooist from 2001 and as well educated in Permanent Make-up at Mona Lisa
Cosmetics in 2012.
Majbritt “Lille Ole” Petersen was Vice President of DTL from 2013-2016.
Founding member of the European Society of Tattoo and Pigment Research (ESTP) of
Bispebjerg University Hospital since 2013.

Lille Ole working