Now Its Here; A Grenlandic section of DPUT

Liz Kierstein founder of and spokeswoman for DPUT(De Professionelle Uafhængige Tatovører,
now 619 members).
Maya Sialuk Jacobsen and Paninnguaq Lind Jensen have established a Grenlandic section
of DPUT in order to gather the people that are tattooing in Greenland.
DPUT is a non-profit network,  that was founded solely to ease the communication,
between the aothorities and the tattoo business.
s well as the communication between the tattooers.
We have two groups, DPUT open group which is open for everybody,
and  UT(Uafhængige Tatovører) a closed group only for professionals; tattooers,
apprentices, owners of tattoo studios.

We aim to make all information accessable for every one, and there
by raise the hygienic level, safety and quality for everyone that does tattooing.
In DPUT we har joined by the hairwoman of the health commity Liselott Blixt and a
group of professionals that have an interest in our trade.
Every body works on volontary basis.

DPUT arranges healthclasses with instructors from TPE
(Tattoo and Piercing Education Scandinavia) based in Sweden.
TPE also trains the technicians that does inspections of swedish tattoo studios.
TPE also conducts healthclasses in Norway as we cooperate closely with
SRT (Swedish Reistrerede tatovører) and NTU (Norsk Tattoo Union) hat
Maya Sialuk Jacobsen co-founded.

DPUT also works together with Danmarks Sikkerhedstyrelse in connection with
the new registration of tattooers, as dictated by the new tattoo legislation in Denmark.

We find it very important that this work is spreading to Greenland.
Why MayaSialuk Jacobsen and Paninnguaq Lind Jensen are planning a healthclass for
tattooer in Greenland in October, where DPUT and TPE will travel to Greenland to do the class.

Maya - Greenland artist

Our experience in DPUT is that close contact between authorities, health departments
and the tattoo business leads to very good results.
That´s why we want to introduce this to Greenland as well.
We know that often complications are occurring, due to lack of/limited access
to this knowledge.

Best regards

DPUT Greenland