Nordic Ink Festival; Closing in On 10 Years:

Nordic Ink Festival has now been going for close to a decade. For 7 years this tattoo convention, has been running in the north of Denmark. Mediazink was there to see how the event shaped up this year. With several of our staff, having been there as guests, since the events inception, we were excited to see how it would shape up this year.

To say the least, we are sure this event will keep running, well past the 10 year mark. Loads of loyal fans showed up for the event, even with the schedule having been changed. This year, unlike previous years, the convention ran from Thursday to Saturday, instead of Friday to Sunday. A choice that seemed to pay off, as loads of guests flocked to the event, especially on the Saturday.

Surely, the beer convention Nordic Brew, which took place in combination with Nordic Ink Festival. Might have helped a bit, at least a lot of beer glasses were visible everywhere you went. For the last 4 years the 2 events have combined and it has been beneficial for everyone involved.

A Cozy Time With Beers and Tattoos:

Some people may think it would be a risky proposition, to combine a beer convention with a tattoo convention.
At least it does seem to be the foundation for a lot of tattoo regrets, on paper. In reality however, the combination has been quite ingenious. Especially in regards to the after party… or rather parties.

Indeed there was an after party both Friday and Saturday, both starting out in the Nordic Brew building, before later moving on to a pub in town. But even without the partying and beer drinking. We are sure most people would have had just as great a time and would still love to come back. That’s how familiar and friendly this convention is.

Indeed, if you are looking for a huge and/or very busy convention with loads of new talent, this might not be for you.
But that isn’t what this convention is about, it is about having a great time and getting to know each other. Both artists and guests, had a cozy, calm and relaxed time, bonding with each other. The whole event seemed like a huge family party, in the best of ways.

A Rapper and some “Old Timers”:

Especially for all the danes attending, the tattoo lovers more than anyone. There was a lot of treats at this event.
Not only were several of the big names in the Danish tattoo industry, from back in the 80’s present at the event.
But there were even a celebrity speaker and more.

Quickly present, were the 2 old timers, Klaus Husum (whom we have published an article about) and Brian Grønhøj (article to come in the future). Both have had a lot to do with the event, especially Brian Grønhøj, who is both a host and manager etc. of the event. Without him Nordic Ink Festival wouldn’t be the same, and he was properly honored this year, with a picture at the event venue’s (Nordic Arena, Frederikshavn’s) wall of fame. He is the first tattoo artist ever to receive this honor.

Brian Grønhøj (left) and Klaus Husum (right).

Other than that, the famous Danish rapper Michael Jew/Jøden, was guesting the event, as he has done many of the previous years too. Mediazink had the pleasure of interviewing at the event (article to follow), as well as enjoying how funny and charismatic he was, as the speaker on stage on the 3rd day.

Michael Jew/Jøden with our headwriter Mads.

Michael Jew/Jøden on stage.

Final Comments and Gallery:

Even with the calm and cozy vibe, and pace, of the convention. All of the many artists who were there, had a fantastic time with plenty of work for everyone. Indeed Nordic Ink Festival did a great job, creating an awesome event everyone could enjoy.

We hope you enjoyed this article and if you were there, we are sure you enjoyed the convention. Please don’t forget to follow us on FacebookYouTube and Instagram (@Mediazink_Official), for more awesome articles and other content.