Nick Morte – Aftermath

We have been writing about the great Nick Morte´s case
and we can now present to you, The Aftermath.

“I don’t know, maybe there’s something wrong with me, but since the moment
I won the case against Norwegian government, I couldn’t stop thinking how much
I miss Norway and how much I want to go back there. Even though, at that time,
I was living in the most beautiful country in the world – New Zealand… But, to be honest,
I was terribly bored there, and was happy to move back to the North. It sounds strange,
but Norway might be the only place where I truly feel like home.”

“Of course, in order to do that, I had to make a new appeal to Norwegian migration,
and express that I “really want to come back” and that I have a business plan and a
contract with business partner – the tattoo studio. But, after being humiliated at the
court, they clearly didn’t want any confrontation and I have received my work permit quite
fast (comparing to their regular speed) – in a couple of months after the appeal. I have to renew
my visa one year at a time for now, but I’m just happy to be back, because they have put me on a
whole-EU black list when I’ve been deported. I thought I would never be able to visit any European
or Scandinavian country again! Luckily, all the negative record has been erased, and the original
decision from migration office (the one that says that tattooing is not a real job) has been reversed
by the court order. I’ve have managed to beat the system!”

“Eventually, it took another few months to settle and get my business up and running.
Even though my little battle is won, the infamous Norwegian bureaucracy stays the same,
and it’s still quite idiotic. But bureaucracy is always idiotic, isn’t it?”

“I think that my biggest victory was in the fact that they have recognized my profession as a craft,
which takes quite a few years to master, and they have agreed to let me work as a self-employed contractor.
It seems like they have no further questions about tattooing at the moment, and I’m happy that I don’t have
to fight them any longer. But hey, I’m damn proud with what I have accomplished.”

“Of course, it was impossible to get through this without any damage. I don’t mean as much
physical or financial damage, that’s temporary… But it has affected me on a deeper level, and
unfortunately, it killed a lot of passion for my favorite job. I have a huge black hole in my heart
now – right there, where the love for tattooing used to live. I’m still waiting for it to heal, but I
won’t be relying on it. I just don’t feel the same joy when I hold the tattoo machine.
It’s been taken away from me. Luckily, tattooing was never my only passion, and I’m happily
filling that void with painting.”

“I don’t regret anything that happened, because it’s been a hell of a adventure and it all
has made an amazing story. I have been to such far corners of the world, met some fantastic
people. It was a great experience that taught me a lot, and, eventually I have gained a ton of artistic
inspiration from it.”



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