Neck Tattoos; All The New Rage with Models and Fashionistas:

According to the Fashionista neck tattoos are the newest hot commodity. In a lot of countries, including the US, neck tattoos and the like, used to be called job stoppers. But apparently this description is no longer applicable. We are all getting used to how tattoos in general are not that stigmatized anymore. People from all walks of life get tattooed and as many might have noticed, this includes the fashionable people.

However, now the neck tattoo is following right behind what happened to finger and hand tattoos, not too long ago.
Now neck tattoos are becoming a new fashion statement and through this, much less stigmatized. We might not in most cases be talking about huge elaborate pieces. But this is still a significant change that might affect, how the world looks at visible tattoos.

Often the fashionistas neck tattoos, are of the finer, softer and more subtle kind. Than the neck tattoos of most keen tattoo collectors. As always, the mainstream and fashion cultures, adopt and transform tattoo culture to fit their own. But perhaps as a whole, this will still create more acceptance all around, of people with visible tattoos. Which is a topic that becomes more and more important.

Final Comment:

We would like to end this short article, with a piece of advice and a disclaimer about neck tattoos, and tattoos in general. In our opinion, don’t go and get a tattoo because it is fashionable. We mean both the placement and the image. Of course in the end it is your body and your decision, as long as you are happy with it who are we to judge? But we still would advice people, to follow their own ideas and imagination.

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