Short Review Of Issue #7


On the front cover of the new issue of My Tattoo Inc magazine is Daniel Agger. He is a Danish retired professional football player.


What will you find inside the magazine?

  • Interview with Lucky Hell, Alina Moskinova, Ricardo Ciechorski and Cecile aka. Ccyle

  • Photos of Model – Shonda Mackey

  • Portfolio of tattoo artists such as Alexander Taran, Peter Hilgers, Sarah Electrum, Animal Tattooer, Joe Friedman and Drew Shallis

  • Article about Daniel Agger

  • Metal Bands – review by Bamze

  • Saigon Tattoo Expo 2021


As always, My Tattoo Inc magazine provides a large dose of great tattoos, beautiful tattooed models and good music. Don’t hesitate any longer and check out the latest issue now. Enjoy!


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