Holy shit.. This is way cooler than expected…

Can honestly say that i know Jack shit about these guys, and i didn’t know they existed before 2 days ago, where i read about them, and decided to check them out..

You see, there is a kind of a big hype about these guys, because of the sound, the style, the everything, that people with too little to do, and too much time to tell bands and the listeners, what to think and like…

Yes, they sound and look like Led Zeppelin, and so what, most of the Rock and Metal we hear today, comes from Zeppelin, so…. 😎

What I’m trying to say, is that personally, I don’t care how people look, sound, dances, vote, eat, you name it, if the music is good, I like it.. That’s it..

Don’t need to analyze every band I hear, to see if they are politically correct, or who their influences are, as long as the music gets to me, I like it..

And now, after my little throw up, back to the band… 😜👍

As you might have guessed, we have some cool Classic Rock here, and I must say, that they deliver some fine melodies and some great songs, which i picked up on instantly. The singer is fantastic and the rest of the band execute the music great.. They have a kind of old sound, but with a great production, and we like that… 😎👍

But let’s see what the great internet has for us today :

Formation and history(2012–)

The band was formed in Frankenmuth, Michigan, in 2012 by twin brothers Josh and Jake Kiszka, their younger brother Sam, and Kyle Hauck. The band name was created when one of its members heard a relative mention Gretna Van Fleet, a resident of Frankenmuth; their use of the variation on her name was done with her (subsequent) blessing. Van Fleet also stated in a later interview that while the band’s music is not her type, she supports the band and thinks they are very talented. At the time Hauck was the drummer, the band recorded two songs: “Cloud Train” and “Standing On”. Hauck left the band in October 2013 and was replaced as drummer by the brothers’ good friend Danny Wagner the same year. The initial guitar riff for “Highway Tune” was cited by guitarist Jake Kiszka as being written as early back as 2010, but the song, released as a single in March 2017, was only recorded after Danny Wagner had become the band’s new drummer. On February 28, 2014, a live EP was recorded in one take and subsequently released on June 7, 2014.[18] In 2014, their song “Standing On” was featured in 2014 Chevy Equinox advertisements in the Detroit area.

Danny Wagner playing at Rock im Park 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany”Standing On” is one of several songs, along with “By the Riverside”, “Cloud Train”, “Down to the River”, “Motown Funk No. 4”, “Sing in the Rain”, “Thunder Stomp”, and “Written in Gold”, that were previously released but are currently unavailable.

Black Smoke Rising and From the Fires (2016–2017)On January 17, 2016, the song “Highway Tune” was featured as a live performance by the band on the Showtime show Shameless. On March 31, 2017 the final recorded version of “Highway Tune” was released on iTunes as the band’s first official single. On April 2, 2017, iTunes started streaming the song “Highway Tune”. On April 18, 2017, the music video for the song “Highway Tune” was released exclusively on Loudwire. The band’s debut EP titled Black Smoke Rising was released April 21, 2017. On April 21, 2017, Apple Music named Greta Van Fleet new artist of the week. The band toured with The Struts during May 2017.

In October 2017, the band won Best New Artist at the Loudwire Music Awards. The band released an eight-song double EP titled From the Fires on November 10, 2017. In addition to the four tracks from Black Smoke Rising, From the Fires features the new recordings “Edge of Darkness” and “Talk on the Street”, as well as covers of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” and Fairport Convention’s “Meet on the Ledge”. The four new tracks were recorded in September 2017 at Rustbelt Studios in Royal Oak, Michigan and produced by Al Sutton and Marlon Young, the same duo that produced Black Smoke Rising. The band also released “Safari Song” as a single in October 2017.

Greta Van Fleet opened for fellow Michigan native Bob Seger at the Dow Event Center in Saginaw, Michigan (just minutes from their hometown) on September 7. In November 2017, the band announced that they would begin recording their first full-length studio album shortly after the release of From the Fires, and that they expected its release by mid-2018.

Anthem of the Peaceful Army (2018–present)The group performed at Elton John’s Academy Award Party on March 4, 2018 at the host’s personal request. John joined Greta Van Fleet onstage for his “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” and their “You’re the One”. After the set Elton John recommended the band get more dramatic and flamboyant with their performance and wardrobe.

On July 26, 2018, the band made their TV debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon performing “When the Curtain Falls”, the first single off of their upcoming debut album.

Their debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, was released on October 19, 2018.[39] According to Josh Kiszka, the name of the album “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” was taken from the title of a poem. The album was the top selling album in its debut week in the US, selling 80,000 copies. Factoring in album equivalent units, it debuted at number three on the Billboard 200.

In December 2018, the band was nominated for four Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist, Best Rock Performance for “Highway Tune”, Best Rock Song for “Black Smoke Rising” and Best Rock Album for From the Fires.

On January 19, 2019 they were the musical guest on SNL.

Last words: The newest and only album “Anthem of the peaceful army” is great, and actually found myself “rocking out” when I was out walking the dog this morning.. (please don’t tell anybody about that 😉) And that must mean that I like it…


Give it a spin if you like Classic Rock, and please don’t think too much, just listen..


Back soon.. Bamze.. 🤟😈