Holy shit, this band has taken me by storm, in the last month or so…Back in the days, I think we would have called it thrash, with some big orchestra behind, but I’m sure is has a sub-genre name nowadays.. Well, there is probably also a sub-genre name, for old metal guys like me.. 🤟😂😂👍This is very cool, and I felt for the great melodies, the arrangements with the orchestra, the big sound, the production and the intensity of the music… Very cool… As mentioned before, I love finding new music for my ears, and I sure have with these guys, you know, it makes me feel good, when i discover some new, or old metal, that strikes me in my metal heart.. A wonderful feeling.. 😎And these guys from Finland, make music i want to hear again.. Raw vocals, great strings and some great drums, that make a complete sound of metal.. Let’s see what the internet says : There’s definitely something in the Finnish tap water these days, as the Land of the thousand lakes has suddenly become a hotbed for epic pagan metal. Prepare for an unforgiving onslaught of metal: from the extremes of black/death metal to heroic power hymns, with tempos varying from lightning fast blasts to pounding marches, guitar solos both technical and atmospheric, headbanging riffs and all of it topped with intensely melodic, symphonic passages; beautiful melodies seamlessly intertwining with merciless aggression and furious screams.

The band Brymir was started as a project during the annual popjazz conservatory’s summer camp of 2006. Sean and Joona, after having met for the first time, were just jamming some wintersun and ensiferum songs for fun. Since it was encouraged to form bands at the camp with other musicians, with the intent to perform at a gig by the end of camp, (and if voted for, gets to play a 2nd gig) they decided to form a project with some friends and play Ensiferum’s Token of Time under a temporary name: Lai Lai Hei. After having successfully auditioned for the gig, Lai Lai Hei played Token of Time and was voted the most popular band of the evening by the other attendees of the summer camp. Due to this, Lai Lai Hei was allowed to play at Jazzkatu in Pori, during the Pori Jazz festival, with several other talented projects from the camp (the gig can be seen on the brymir myspace page and on youtube). After this event, camp was over, but we decided to keep in touch. Several days after the camp, Sean wrote a folk metal song (The Battle for Pagan Might) for fun and sent to the others who played in Lai Lai Hei. They liked it and it was unanimously decided that they form a proper band to continue the legacy of Lai Lai Hei, but under a new name. Brymir was eventually decided on. After a few more songs were written, Brymir started to play some small gigs in various places and entered the annual Finnish band competition Ääni ja Vimma twice, in order to increase their popularity. A few separate demo-songs were recorded in 2006 and 2007. These include: “A Free Man’s Path,” “Ragnarök,” and “The Battle For Pagan Might.”
September 2010 finally saw the start of the recording of Brymir’s debut album. After a few months of recordings, in which such guests as Mahi of Ensiferum joined the band in the studio, the band had completed their debut, “Breathe Fire To The Sun.” The band announced being signed with Spinefarm Records in early 2011, and the album was released soon after, in April. A video was also filmed and released the same year, for “Retribution.”
With the boundless ambition and energy of youth; with honour, hope and hate; unforgotten the wisdoms of past generations, with the most impressive debut of 2011, “Breathe Fire To The Sun”, Brymir take the first steps on the path they have chosen and carved. Tearing down stale preconceptions of pagan metal, creating new worlds for the listener to explore and wonder.

Last words : In 2019 came to the resent album “Wings of fire”, which definitely is the one I have heard the most, and in my world, there is not a single weak track on it… I can only recommend this, and most definitely for listeners of the likes of Frosttide, Vanir, Nothgard, etc etc.. So check out “Wings of fire”, from these great guys, and stay heavy….Until next time.. 😎👍