Month of Love; Crazy Tattoos We Do Not Recommend!:

Hey guys the month of love, as many have chosen to call it, is upon us. We here at MediaZink just like most of you guys, can’t get enough of love. But there do seem to be some people, that may take it too far and not think things through, especially during this month.
With Valentines day right around the corner, many people around the world, are making big plans for the day.

But perhaps some people should stick to chocolate and far away from needles, during this time. So we would like to remind people of 5 crucial mistakes you need to avoid, if you insist on getting some love ink, this February.

Get the Name Right:

This first mistake should come as a no brain’er, yet you would be surprised. With just a short google search, you will find many stories of people getting this wrong. You may ask yourself, how can people get the name of their SO wrong? well aside from the insanely dumb blunders and some bizarre stories out there. In most cases it is simply due to a matter of haste.

Some people are simply too excited to prove their affection for their SO and jump the gun. In other words, they never learned how their SO’s name was spelled, such as Nicky being with an “i” instead of a “y”, or adding an extra letter that should never have been there.

So please, be patient, perhaps get a nice heart tattoo done instead or better yet, use the money and take them out to dinner? even better still, give them a gift card for a tattoo they want.

Make Sure Your SO Knows:

You may think that surprising your SO with a cool tattoo signifying your love is a great idea. But in some cases this might be a very bad idea indeed. Especially if you are a tattoo newbie and not sure if your SO likes tattoos at all. Or indeed if you are not sure how they stand on this type of tattoo. Indeed there are some cases where this idea works, but again, get to know your partner well before you do this.

There is no shortage of partners, being forced by their SO’s to go and get a love tattoo removed, for a huge variety of reasons. But one of the more common ones, is that it is not their thing and they find it stupid.

Be Careful With the Imagery:

Now, if you are certain your partner would love the idea of a love tattoo. By all means go under the needle but still, think before you ink.
Sure your partner might love some tasteful immaculately planned out tattoo that tributes your love for them. But make sure they like it before you get some badly done looney toon character made, with a heart that says “I luv U”.

Perhaps you are better off saving up some money and getting a better tattoo done, that will honor your SO and your love towards them.
Don’t skimp out on a love tattoo, if you insist on getting one.

Make Sure You DO NOT Regret It:

We have all heard of the old sailors, with a collection of girls names up and down their arms. Make sure you don’t become that guy, because tattoo removal is painful and expensive. So be smart, perhaps avoid doing a name tattoo all together. Symbolism is smart like that, even if the relationship, which hopefully won’t be the case, doesn’t hold the tattoo might still work.

The fox you got done, because it was your SO’s favourite animal, can still be an awesome tattoo. But the “Peter loves Becky”, can never mean anything else. So unless you want to hit on only girls named Becky after that or get the tattoo removed. Perhaps the symbolism route is smarter.

For Loves Sake Make It A Good Tattoo:

Once again if you insist on getting a love tattoo, as we have mentioned already, do not skimp out on it! Don’t be a cheap skate when it comes to this. Just like with any other gift, the thought does count indeed, but effort counts just as much. Especially when it comes to tattoos, you don’t want to come home to your SO with a bug-eyed portrait tattoo of them, a wobbly humming bird or turtledove or something else that went horribly wrong.

Pony out the extra dough and find an awesome tattoo artist, perhaps even bring your SO to the session or the planning consultations. Make it beautiful and special, for the both of you, for loves sake.

Final Comment:

Whether you follow our advice or not, that is completely up to you guys. We of course hope you do and we do not judge, just be careful and think it through. Tattoos are for life especially the good ones, we hope that your love will be too this year. For those of you out there with SO’s, we hope you have a great day and month with them. For those of you without, we hope you find love (if you want to).
Have a great February everyone.

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