Modified People; They are Still People:

Modified people are people too. That is the message of a BBC 3 video that has gone viral, especially last year. In the video they have taken a bowl of random, and rather rude, questions that modified people are often asked. They then ask different pairs of modified people, to pick a question out of the bowl and answer it. Then they discuss why the question is inappropriate.

The same has been done with tattoos and other similar phenomena. The one thing all these movies have in common, is trying to break down the stigmas regarding looks, especially for people that are changing theirs in order to be happier. That is exactly the point, just because someone looks different, doesn’t mean they are criminal or anti-social, that is actually quite a small group of them that are that. Like it is with “normal” people.

Instead they want to cast a light, on how people that change their appearance, precisely do it, in order to feel more like themselves and because they have another aesthetic appreciation of the body and what it looks like. This does not give people the right to be rude, but as many of the participants in the video say, of course people are allowed to be curious. But you can be polite and curious at the same time, instead of just offending people.

So keep in mind how you talk to people out there. Always keep in mind that what you may find “disgusting” they might find beautiful and love. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as it was once famously said. Another good quote is “to each their own”. So leave people have their own, promote acceptance and not hate, and we will have a better world for everyone.

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