Models with Tattoos booming in the industry


Tattooing was considered an anti social activity not so long ago. People who were gentlemen stayed away from getting tattoos over their body parts and only the sailors and people working in circus indulged in tattooing. But times have changed drastically and today tattooing is a very popular form of body art that has been accepted by the mainstream of the society. It is a $2.3 billion industry with people in all walks of life proudly flaunting their tattoos. Even the models that walk on ramp and do commercials are today seen having tattoos over their various body parts. The fact that they are not afraid about their image or the fan following gives one an idea of how pervasive tattooing has become in the country.


If you are a conservative and stayed away from tattoos till now, you will be surprised to know that many of the super models of the country today have not one but several tattoos over their bodies. You can see them doing catwalk without making any attempt to hide these tattoos. In fact, these models are today being referred to as inked beauties rather than being criticized for their bold endeavors. It is clear that tattoos on models bodies are today no longer stigmas as they were once upon a time. Top models like Kate Moss, Cara Delevingine, and Rosie Huntington etc are proudly flaunting their beautiful tattoos on the ramp and the crowds love them.


Kate Moss

Lens men as well as big companies are today looking for models with tattoos on their bodies for commercial shoots. Top photographers believe that the future belongs to models with tattoos on their body parts. There is no doubt that even today, great bodies remain the top priority of photographers and ad agencies but they are increasingly attracted to models with tattoos. Even models with tattoos happen to be those having incredible bodies. Whether it is the commercial for a bra or a motorcycle, demand for models having great bodies and tattoos have gone up significantly.


There are many who feel that it is the diversity factor in these tattooed models that is attracting the crowds and the companies and that it is only a passing phase. Models with tattoos will not take over the world of modeling and they will remain a subset of models forever.

Photo: John Quinlan
Photo: Malice