Moana; A Beautiful Story and a Love Letter to Samoan and Polynesian Culture:

Moana has to be one of our favourite movies, in this current month of love. Why? is what you might ask yourself.
That is what we want to tell you guys in this short little review of the movie.

  1. The Beautiful Depiction of Samoan/polynesian culture: The graphics in this animated movie are absolutely stunning.
    But they would need to be in order to do the stunning nature and geography of Polynesia justice. It has to be said though, that the movie more than does it justice and the creators have done all they can, to embrace the culture and depict its beauty faithfully.
    It is truly a beautiful spectacle of a movie to watch.
  2. ALL THE TATTOOS: You knew this one was coming, don’t kid yourself. Of course we love that Disney was brave enough to tackle a culture, so intricately bound to tattoos. But what was impressive, was how faithful they were towards the love of tattoos in the culture being depicted. Not only that, but utilizing them as plot tools, playing on the myths surrounding them. Especially through the character of Maui, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who does an awesome job.
  3. Magical Tattoos: We kind of hinted at this already above, but the tattoos are depicted as they would be in the myths of Polynesia. Thus they are magical and imbued with Mana (life force). No where is this more clear, than in the living full body suit of tattoos, that Maui is proudly wearing. A body suit where in lives a tattoo character called “mini Maui” which he has frequent arguments with, as it acts as his conscience.

Final Comment:

Those are just our 3 main reasons why you should watch this awesome Disney movie this February. The whole movie is a love letter to both Samoan and Polynesian culture. But also a huge love letter to tattoos and the magic we may all feel, through wearing our personal and beautiful tattoos in real life. We urge everyone to watch this loving movie.

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