Mo Dutch; From Being a Fan To Being a Name:

Mo Dutch, many might ask, why would you guys interview a blank (no tattoos) guy, about tattoos? We are sure you will realize why as we go on with this article. Mo is not your average blank guy, he thoroughly has fallen in love with tattoos, it is a long story why which we will get into. But make no mistake, this awesome bearded gentleman, loves tattoos… he just doesn’t have any.

Mo Dutch Speaking at Beardsterdam 2018

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mo, a rather busy guy who actually spends quite a lot of time travelling around, both to beard but indeed also to tattoo conventions. What might he be doing at a tattoo convention you ask? Well other than selling awesome beard products, with his incredible beard and his… charm.  He has taken a liking to making awesome videos for his YouTube channel, where he interviews tattoo babes (ladies), asking them all sorts of funny and interesting questions.

Not only has he had a fair bit of success with these videos. But he has indeed gotten to interview some rather big names in the industry: Lauren Brock, Monami Frost,  Riae and Bea Dux, just to name a few.
He has even, despite his own modesty, garnered quite a name and notoriety at some of the tattoo conventions that he frequents, such as the Amsterdam Convention and the London Tattoo Convention.
And all as a blank guy, impressive.

Mo Dutch with Lauren Brock and Becky Holt

Before Tattoo Love Their was Hair and Culture:

Mo Dutch, it was never intended by Mo, when he started out his YouTube career years ago. That he would one day be associated with tattoos, not that he complains. The now 33 year old Pakistani Dutch Mo, originally (and still to this day), made his online career all about his passion for hair and beards.

He has always loved hair, styling it, products for it and even cutting it. Mo then started making funny tutorial videos on how to style, care for and cut hair and beards. All with his own personal comedic twist to it. He didn’t want to make any generic and what he felt would be boring hair tutorials. So he throws all sorts of things into it, jokes, funny narration and even some rap.

Even before he started working with his passion for hair on YouTube, Mo was making videos on another passion. His passion for cultures, especially showing off and explaining his own culture, in funny comedic skits, all about being a Pakistani youth growing up in a foreign culture. But after he got busy with his day job, he left YouTube for a bit, after he came back was when he created the channel we know and love today.


Getting into the world of Tattoos:

As some of the keener of you may have noticed, Mo got into the world of tattoos through his love of beards and hair. It all started after he had become a member and model for Bearded Villains and Original Barbam in Holland. The captain of the Dutch bearded villains who also founded the beard product Original Barbam, Raby was the one that invited Mo to his first convention.

They had become close friends and Raby thought Mo would be great to help them sell beard product, at the Dortmund tattoo convention. Mo didn’t really think he would be too good at selling stuff, as that is not something he is that into. So he brought along his camera and a mic. Then at this very first convention, he went around and asked the questions he had always wanted to ask tattoo girls. He discovered that he had a blast doing that.

But to start with he thought “holy shit, I am all blank and all, I am going to feel so weird”. But then a guy walked by him, who had horns and was all covered in tattoos everywhere.  Mo then thought to himself “Wait, everyone is weird here, and everyone is fine with it”. No one judges, everybody is so open minded and welcoming. So of course no one minds that he is blank.

Falling in Love with the Community:

Mo quickly discovered how open-minded people are in the tattoo community. How little people care what other people look like or are into, they don’t judge anyone for being who they are. This is one of the aspects Mo fell in love with, about the tattoo community.

That even as a blank guy, he didn’t just feel welcome, but he quickly felt like a part of the community, at least at the conventions he himself frequents. Now he even has many friends within the tattoo community, especially a lot of the very famous tattoo models out there.

But another part of it is, that even though Mo has never really wanted a tattoo on himself. He has always loved the art and how it looks on other people’s bodies. He may not want to be tattooed himself ever, as he both enjoys how special he feels as a blank guy at a tattoo convention. But also because as he describes it “It is like going to a museum, just because you love seeing the art there, doesn’t mean you want to have it hanging on your own wall”.

Blank Skin, Oreos and Tattoo Babes:

One thing that can be said about Mo, is that he knows how to play off his own quirks. He uses that he is a blank guy as his calling card when he is at conventions. Mo always makes sure to jokingly throw it into his conversations with the lovely tattooed ladies that he holds so dear. He has even become known as the blank guy to such an extent, that tattooed friends of his will tell him off, if he says stuff like “Wonder if I should get a tattoo”, telling him stuff like “No you are the blank guy who loves oreos”.

That is indeed another love of Mo’s, Oreos. He can’t get enough of the tasty little cookies. To such an extent that because he made sketch videos featuring Oreos, his fans began sending him loads of oreos all the time. So Mo is always more than likely to have a stash of Oreos with him, perhaps to help entice the tattoo babes he so loves.

No matter what it is a joy to see what Mo gets up to, with his quirky, funny and flirty personality, when he interviews girls at the tattoo conventions.

Beards and Tattoos:

As a beard model and to say the least enthusiast, who has been to more than a few tattoo conventions, we also wanted to ask Mo why he thinks beards are so popular among tattooed guys. Indeed, he had some very interesting thoughts on the subject. Mainly according to Mo, it is because both beards and tattoos, despite both becoming more popular and mainstream. They are still seen as something alternative.

So in a way they fit together like that within the tattoo community, it fits with the already alternative nature of tattooed men there. But there is also the fact, that tattooed men like to take care of their looks more, at least the one’s you meet at the tattoo conventions are way more into beard products.

One time Mo and Barbam was at a Harley convention. The guys there even with tattoos, were definitely not keen on products in their beards. It was a whole other attitude in that community.

Final Comment:

Mo Dutch is definitely not done with tattoo conventions. This blank tattoo lover is indeed going to both Hamburg and the London Tattoo Convention later this year. Trust us, he is one guy you would always want to run into. He is passionate, funny and has one awesome beard. Especially if you are a bearded guy, go meet Mo and Original Barbam and get yourself a treat. Go follow this awesome Dutch dude (just google MoDutch).

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