Bank Freezes a Tattoo Artist’s Account: Misunderstanding or Miscommunication?

The news about a tattoo artist who got shocked due to a bank in Queensland, suspended her accounts.

Was still being the talk in the city. This news would never go out if Bianka Roggensack, the tattoo artist, never posted this issue on her Facebook account.

According to Roggensack, she was going to pay for her bill and suppliers.
But she found out that her account was suspended by the bank authority.
After she called and being asked to wait until the next morning, someone from the bank told her to remove her money and found a new bank.
Due to the bank had ended business with some industries include tattoo shops. It was not surprised if Roggensack used “outraged and indignant” to describe her feelings back then.
The tattoo artist then told the bank that she would be leaving overseas for a couple of days.
But the bank did not seem to care. Later she posted her experience on Facebook and the bank sent her an apologetic email.

The bank stated that it was a misunderstanding. After a manager called her, the bank gave USD 100 to her account to say sorry for such an inconvenient.

In the end, Roggensack decided to move their account to a new bank, even though she had not decided on which one. She was concerned about how to expand her business and got loans if the bank did not seem to care about the clients.

Besides, the tattoo artist was not a criminal and had no criminal record.
To get a tattoo artist license, all tattooists need to do a series of criminal record checks such as palm printing, fingerprinting, and so on.

It did not seem fair for many people. Other than that, some banks in Australia had reviewed their policies from time to time to fit with anyone’s business.