Miss Tattoo Germany; The Berlin Winners 2018:

Miss Tattoo Germany had a regional competition at this years Tattoo Convention Berlin. All in all over 30 beautiful tattooed women competed in the competition at this years convention. Despite all the women being beautiful each in their own way, they were only looking for 3 winners. The winners would each go home with one of 3 titles.
Miss Tattoo Berlin, Vice Miss Tattoo Berlin and the prestigious Tattoo Queen 2018.

This type of competition takes place at conventions all over the world. But we have rarely seen one so organized. Miss Tattoo Germany, is itself its own organization, which hosts all the competitions up to and of course also the final, in the hunt for Miss Tattoo Germany. They hosts these competitions at tattoo conventions all over Germany, and girls from all over this huge country, are eager to compete for the title and the prizes.

Even at the event in Berlin which was quite a ways up the competition ladder, fitting for the capital. Girls from many different places in Germany had come to compete, as well as enjoy the convention of course. But after 2 grueling rounds, 3 winners were found for this years competition and we here at MediaZink had the pleasure of interviewing 2 of these lovely ladies, as well as last years Miss Tattoo Germany, who also took part as a judge.

Miss Tattoo Germany 2017:

We had the pleasure of talking to Miss Tattoo Germany 2017, the lovely and bubbly Nina Holly. About her love of tattoos, what it takes to compete and win. She started out her tattoo journey, by getting her first tattoo 10 years ago and she has been hooked ever since. But her modelling started much later, only getting into it 2 years ago.
One year before winning Miss Tattoo Queen 2017.

Her first tattoo convention wasn’t even till she was competing, in her first Tattoo Queen competition, in her home town of Braunscweig. Luckily she stuck with it and won the whole damn thing. Else, we wouldn’t have gotten to meet her and see her awesome tattoos. She has been in a few competition since her first one; Miss Tattoo Lower Saxony, Miss Tattoo Germany, Tattoo Queen, Miss Tattoo Europe.

When it comes to being the Queen, Nina had a few pieces of advice: Be yourself, be comfortable, have charisma and have nice tattoos. Indeed nice tattoos is something Nina is very passionate about. She only ever gets tattooed by her sister at ‘Backstage-tattoo’ studio. With her favorite tattoo from her sibling, being a heart in honor of her man.
She swears by her sisters skills and only ever wants to be tattooed by her, sibling love indeed.

She loved this years convention in Berlin and at the moment we were talking to her, she was very excited about having to be on the jury, for the Tattoo Queen competition.

This Years Berlin Winners; Cassandra and Xenia:

We sat down with two of the 3 competition winners this year, the lovely Cassandra and the gorgeous Xenia, right after they won their respective titles.

The 3 winners from left to right: Joana, Cassandra and Xenia.


She is 30 and is herself a tattoo artist. But now she can also, at least for the year, call herself Miss Tattoo Queen 2018. She won the title along with the prize of a trip to London for the London Tattoo Convention. A trip that she didn’t even know was part of winning, so at the time we talked to her, she had yet to fully digest winning such a cool price and planning anything to do in London.

Xenia is a bit of a wild one, having started her tattoo collection at the age of only 15, with a tribal down on her abdomen. She just really badly wanted a tattoo so she went and got one. She has kept collecting ever since and has quite the collection today. But she didn’t expect to win the Tattoo Queen title at all, as she thinks her tattoos might look too old today. She even just competed because she thought it would be fun, must have been quite the surprise to win.  Hopefully she will enjoy her title regardless.


Cassandra (26), won the title of Miss Tattoo Berling 2018. She is a cosmetic tattoo artist, doing permanent makeup is her specialty. Cassandra really wanted to win a title at the competition more than anything. She even told us she had dreamed about it for a long time. Had she not won she wouldn’t have been sure she could have ever done it again.
So it was truly amazing for her to win a title.

In her own tattoo collection her favorite tattoo is… well she can’t really pick a favorite, she loves all her tattoos with a passion. But the octopus on her back, is one of her more elaborate and better pieces. But she also loves a shrimp tattoo in the palm of her hand. Girl loves the sea it seems. Now that she won Miss Tattoo Berlin, she is far from done, she will compete for Miss Tattoo Germany as well, and she wants to do more modelling and go to more conventions.
We hope she enjoys her title this summer.

Final Comment:

Miss Tattoo Germany goes on and we hope the winners from Berlin all enjoy their titles this summer. All the girls competing were beautiful in our eyes, but that does not make the winners any less deserving. We wish them all the best in the future and hope to see them again someday, hopefully holding a new title.

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