Million Dollar Tattoo; Diamonds Are Forever:

So you might be thinking what would a million dollar tattoo, be made of? The answer is a bit more obvious, than one might suspect. Of course it would be made of Diamonds. Now it is stretching the term a bit, but technically anything that is inserted into the dermal layer of the skin, to configure its appearance, can be considered a tattoo.

So when you put an exhuberant amount of diamonds onto a person’s skin, almost like a strange henna tattoo. In an artistic pattern, it could be considered a tattoo. That is exactly what the company Shimansky, did with model Minki van der Westhuizen. They emcrusted her body with a diamond tattoo on her back, a rather beautiful display of the company’s wealth, one might say.

So how expensive did this piece of body-art actually get to be? Very close to 1 million dollars, 924.000 dollars to be exact. The tattoo wouldn’t even had cost a single percent of that price, had it not been made of diamonds. Quite expensive diamonds even. The company has previously overdone this, by creating a 20 million dollar soccer/football out of only diamonds, for the FIFA world cup.

Final Comment:

Million Dollar Tattoo, that is all we can call this. Whether it was worth it or not can be discussed (probably not as it is not even permanent). But it shows just how creative and outrageous some people, will get when it comes to body-art. As well as showing us just how far reaching, the love of tattoos and body-art is.

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