Mike Garcia

Mike Garcia is an international dancer and performer from France.


As a single performer, he must have a lot of charisma to attract the audience under the stage and not let them get bored even for a moment. In my opinion, Mike Garcia is one of the few solo artists who can do that. His beautiful costumes, well-chosen music, and amazing pyrotechnic skills make every performance delight everyone.


He’s based in Paris and performing his shows all around France, Europe, and the rest of the world. You will quickly be seduced by this artist. He always visits the best places with his performances. Probably he is one of the most essential artists on the international stage. His amazing performances full of technology will seduce you until you lose your breath! He delights the audience thanks to a new and original vision of presenting his performances. This is not only a great emotional but also a visual experience. And fire is just part of the show.


Are you interested in what he offers? These are: fire shows with a lot of pyrotechnics in style full of darkness, trash, freakiness, fetish, creatures, robots, and many more. He performs on dancefloors of the most prestigious festivals, concerts, private parties, and clubs around the world. His performances always are with this touch of craziness that make him the strength to do an amazing performance on stage and let the audience feeling like in a dream. And thanks to this he will transport you in his world where novelty meets originality and visual emotions.



All photos were taken by Kamila Burzymowska.

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