Mickey Mouse

30 Tattoos With This Iconic Cartoon Character

Today is the birthday of a very special mouse – Mickey Mouse. On November 18, 2020, the whole world celebrates this special day. Mickey Mouse Day is an opportunity to reminisce about your childhood and the unique cartoons featuring her.


He is certainly the most recognizable Disney character in the entire world. It is also the birthday of his wife Minerva Mouse.


Mickey Mouse is an animated cartoon and comic book character. The character was created by Walt Disney in 1928. The world’s most famous rodent has become one of the biggest movie stars in nearly 100 years of his “creative work” and has appeared in over 130 films and 330 cartoons. Over the years, Mickey Mouse has gone from being an animated character to a star who is on a par with popular actors. In 1978, Mickey was the first animated character to receive his star on Hollywood’s Avenue of the Stars as a 50th anniversary honor.


With Mickey appearing in so many places and in so many different types of media, the ways to celebrate Mickey Mouse day are only as limited as a person’s imagination.  We decided to celebrate this day by showing you tattoos with this character.