Megan Massacre: A Rebel Tattoo Princess

A Reality TV Star, Tattoo artist and co-owner of her very own enterprise clothing business GritNGlory; Megan Massacre is a unique and instantly recognizable name of the Tattoo industry. Rising from the depths of street tattoo parlors to become a famous brand name for tattoos in America, Megan Massacre has been a definite role model for all women who wish to challenge the norms of society.

How It All Began

Even as a child, Megan was always obsessed with art and drawings. As she grew into a teenager and was exposed to mainstream television, she instantly fell in love with the colorful and detailed depictions of art on the human body. Tattoos were a sacred form of art to her. They were a form of expression that meant something on a deeply personal level to the man or woman getting it.

Driven by her passion and zeal for tattoo art, Megan at the age of 14 years, approached a local tattoo parlor in search of an apprenticeship. However, she was turned down and even reprimanded for being too young. In her own words she describes her feelings as “I felt as if all my dreams were crushed just then”. Heartbroken by the negative response to her ambition, Megan stopped searching for a venue to satisfy her tattooing urges. She focused her energies instead on her education and after completing high school, enrolled in college.

As she needed money to pay for her college fee, Megan started working as a furniture salesgirl which she describes in her own words as being “horrible and boring”. As there was never too much work to do, Megan kept her artistic skills polished by drawing in her free time.  Megan was in luck one night when her co-worker asked her for a lift to the local tattoo parlor. During the time she was there, her friend told the owner about Megan’s tattooing skills. Upon request of the owner, Megan drew her first masterpiece at the parlor and impressed with her detailed and unique work, she was hired as an apprentice to the man.

Since then Megan has never seen a day when she was not being pelted with requests for her tattoos. “It’s not a source of earning for me, it is a way of life. It’s what I enjoy most!”, says the now 30 year old artist.

What She Can Do

If you ever want to get a tattoo that you will cherish for life, get Megan Massacre to do it. This girl can make mind boggling illustrations with a needle and is a master of both 2D and 3D tattoo art. Coming from humble roots, Megan is now world famous and is behind the ink on the arms and backs of many well-known celebrities.

She is very popular for her role as a tattoo artist on the TLC Reality TV shows “America’s Worst Tattoos” and “NY Ink” both of which are major contributors towards changing the public perception about the tattoo industry. Her most recent venture was with “Bondi Ink” studios in Australia and her popularity only continues to increase with more than 1 Million Instagram followers and 2.5 Million Facebook fans at present.

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