How it all started; A great plan and a great ambition:

Mediazink was born 3 years ago, when 3 minds stuck there heads together. The story almost sounds fairy-tale like with all this mentioning of the number 3. But indeed, the 3 minds of Carsten (MOB), Jeanett (our CEO & MOB) and Bennie (our Webmaster and MOB), the founders of Mediazink. Got together 3 years ago and thought to themselves, we want to give the world of body art, from body paint to piercings and Tattoos, something special. An awesome place online, where they can go to get all their information. Whether it be on artists, new trends, famous people with body art and so on. We want to create the place there they go, for all their information.

So to make a long story a bit short, they went and created Mediazink, pooling all resources they could into the project and using every contact they had. With the same ambition in mind all the way, they want to create THE online community for tattoos and bodyart, with a positive atmosphere, where all feel welcome.

The 3 founders of Mediazink.

Slowly expanding the team and improving the content:


Ever since the first year of Mediazink, the ambition has remained the same, wanting to be the best, and wanting to be a positive informative community and media “central”. “All” that has changed, is that Mediazink has been expanding, as much as possible every year, trying to outdo ourselves every year since we started. All in order to make better content for our fans and more of it.

This has been done by hiring more staff and freelancers, to improve the content creation. As well as being more present around on conventions and so forth. Trying to get sponsors as well, all in order to improve our content output and quality. Working hard to be more visible online and physically, for example by getting our Artist Lounge up and running in Copenhagen.

Mediazink also strives and will continue to strive, to bring its fans the most interesting and up to date articles, we can. Whether it be on awesome artists that we think people should know about, cool conventions around the world, or indeed interesting art exhibitions or bands and whatever. We work hard, to make sure it is all relevant and interesting toward our fans.

Some of our Teamsters and friends.

Where do we go from here:

So not Mediazink has turned 3 years old, and the reason the headline for this section does not have a question mark, is because it is not a question. We know perfectly well where we want to go, and that is even further towards our goal, of being the best online tattoo and body-art community out there, for you guys, our fans.

We want to get even bigger and better. Be even more present at Tattoo conventions and other awesome events, all around the world. As well as providing even more and even better content for our community and fans.
Hopefully hiring even more staff, being able to provide even more awesome content for you guys.

Indeed we want to thank all who have supported us this far, we hope you will keep supporting us and we will keep working our asses off for you guys. And to all our future fans, we look forward to having you be a part of our community.

So we hope you will keep liking what we do and following us here, on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (@Mediazink_Official).