Photo above by Bartek Modrzejewski



How long have you been tattooing and how did you start your tattooing journey?

I’ve been tattooing for 6 years. 

I was wrapping cars and shopwindows, and despite the fact that I liked it, I’d never fully felt it was something I wanted to do in a long term. I was missing something. With my friend Marcin, we bought machines to start tattooing and I started doing it on orange peels and practice skin, but I won’t say it was effortless.

In September 2013 there was a tattoo convention in Katowice, where I took part in a graffiti jam. Quite a lot of people got interested in what I was doing. After the convention I got a job offer from Rock’n’Ink studio. At first, I wasn’t fully committed and was lacking confidence. I still worked on wraps and tried tattooing at weekends. The only thing I got from that was a lot of stress. I couldn’t focus just on one thing and fully embrace it.

One day in May, I decided to go tattooing to Krakow instead of my week job and I stayed there for 4 years. Thanks to the Rock’n’Ink crew my skills got better. I can’t thank them enough! ❤️



Do you remember what was the first tattoo you did? If so, tell us what it was and for who.

My first tattoo done was on my friend’s calf. It was the word “roots” in a circle. For a very long time it was my favorite tattoo, and it still looks great today. I didn’t have to retouch it and I put it down to beginner’s luck, because every other tattoo I made wasn’t so great, unfortunately. 👀



Please, tell us about your current tattoo style and how it has changed over the years.

My style relies mainly on gothics and fractures. I like to mix them in many different ways. It gets my clients really confused when I start drawing the project directly on their body without the use of a stencil.

I feel like I have slowed down developing my tattooing skills for some time now. I’m more focused on painting at the moment.



Does anyone or anything inspire you?

I often search by the “calligraphy” hashtag on Instagram, scroll and get inspired. Other times, I go to an antique shop and look for books with old letters. However, I try to spend most of the time with a pen and paper looking for my own ways. Many times, I find myself subconsciously using someone else’s ideas and then it gets into my head. I don’t like it. When it comes to inspiration, I’m amazed at how much calligraphy has developed in past 5 years, and how many new artists with fresh ideas have grown out of it and now create more and more crazy works. I’m inspired by everything and anything and this inspiration usually comes when you least expect it.

It often happened that I isolated myself from everything but painting, neglecting all the other entertainment, friends, or sport. It led me to frustration and to the point at which I started to hate painting. I used to get stuck in such a vicious circle, doubting my skills and abilities. I think that by taking care of yourself and your surroundings you can create a perfect situation for inspiration to come on its own, and that’s a blessing! In other words, keep calm and carry on!



Are there any tattoo artists who are extremely admirable to you? If so who?

A person I’ve been following works of since ever is Theos, all-time favorite for his general attitude to life and the artistic level he is representing.



Do you like visiting or exhibiting at tattoo conventions? Would you recommend any of them?

I don’t like conventions so much; I’d rather go on a guest spot. Out of all conventions I went to, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for HK Tattoo Con – great event organization, I always felt taken care of, and there was a beautiful garden on the rooftop of the venue with a great view of Hong Kong.



Any artist you planning to get tattooed by? Who has tattooed you already?

I have less and less space on my body! Next in line are Kuba Kujawa, finishing my ribs with Gregletron, and I wish I had a tattoo from Mystic i Adrian Hing, Kalmone, Huero. Currently, I have tattoos from Piotr Blaszkiewicz, Bartek Wojda, Marcelina Urbańska, Łukasz Sokołowski, Crazy Lessi, Sicoer, Theosone, Kuba Kujawa, Kris Ciezlik, Kamil Czapiga, Cheyenne Sawyer, Dan Gilsdorf, Blame Max, Edek, Dave Blows, Wons, Mariusz Trubisz, Paweł Bobrowicz, Mazak,  Surowiec, Gabriele Cardosi.



What are your plans and dreams? If you think about yourself in 10 years, what do you see?

Everything is pointing me in one direction – opening my own shop which would be also a place for painting. Uhm, and I’m quietly dreaming of jewelry making, and I think that this is a direction I’d love to follow. I really like trinkets, I have already made 2 pendants with @Madnecco and I’m really loving the final result, but I need some more time for this. More on that later! 💪🏻



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