Photo above by Kamila Burzymowska

Jordan Oterski


How long have you been tattooing and how did you start your tattooing journey?


I’m tattooing since about 2003. When I was a kid I saw my uncle who was heavily tattooed and it really fascinated me. Some time later my cousin showed me how to make a hand poke tattoos and I did a little spider tattoo on my arm. Years later my friend Swartz built his first homemade tattoo machine and did few tattoos on me, I always really liked to draw so I thought I’d try to make tattoos myself, then I’ve met Tomasz “Macabre”  and we started to visit tattoo conventions. Over time tattooing became my full time job and passion, that’s how it started



Do you remember what was the first tattoo you did? If so, tell us what it was and for who.


My very first tattoo I did was on me, it was small handpocked spider on my arm, I was 14, maybe 15 years old. First tattoo on someone else I did for my friend when I was in high school , it was a game inspired tribal on arm. It was done with home made tattoo machine made from a pen, Walkman motor and a guitar string instead of a needle, we used gel pen ink too so you can imagine how it looked like 😉



Please, tell us about your current tattoo style and how it has changed over the years.


Currently I’m working mainly in black and grey realism and horror style. Tattooing realism was always very satisfying to me and I decided to concentrate on this style, occasionally I do biomechanical tattoos too.



Does anyone or anything inspire you?


I’m inspired by nature, art and other artists work, I do a lot of textured works and nature is perfect source of inspiration and references. Also art of HR Giger and Zdzislaw Beksinski is big inspiration to me.



Are there any tattoo artists who are extremely admirable to you? If so who?


There are many of them to be honest, since I remember I was amazed by works done by Paul Booth, Robert Hernandez, Guy Aitchison, Tommy Lee Wendtner, Tofi, Lenu, Junior and many, many more. It’s hard to point all the artists here.



Do you have any memorable tattoo story or a customer that has stuck with you through all the time you have been tattooing?

I do have many stories but I don’t know if I can put them here, I’d have to ask my customers for a permission to publish it 😉



Is there any art form that fascinates you also except tattooing? Maybe do you have any other passion or something that you really enjoy doing? 


I enjoy pencil/ charcoal drawing, occasionally oil painting and sculpting. My biggest passion except from tattooing is fishing and target shooting.



Do you like visiting or exhibiting at tattoo conventions? Would you recommend any of them?


Sure tattoo conventions are very important part of tattoo industry,  it’s one of not many occasions when you can meet so many other artists in one place , learn new techniques and find new inspirations. Tattoofest Convention in Cracow, Warsaw Tattoo Convention, Brussels Tattoo Convention are the closest conventions to my heart.



Any artist you planning to get tattooed by? Who has tattooed you already?


I’m planning to finally finish my back piece that’s made by Junior from Juniorink Studio. I got tattooed by myself;) also by Damian Swartz, Tomasz Macabre, Tofi, Junior, Ty McEwan, Tommy Lee Wendtner, Jak Connolly, Leńu, Marcin Insekt, David Jorquera. Also I have few smaller tattoos done by Yarson , Adam Szechniuk, Sandy Green, Mark Armstrong, Kuba Mandala, Maciej Nedynski, Char Brown, Benjamin Toner, Andy Cope, Kitty Gutierrez, Haus Waterfield, Sasky from BananaInk and my lovely wife:)



What are your plans and dreams? If you think about yourself in 10 years, what do you see?


It’s really hard to plan anything during these times but I hope to be healthy, able to work and be happy with my family, simple as that 🙂



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