Fede SPD


How long have you been tattooing and how did you start your tattooing journey?


I have been tattooing for 7 years, I started by chance (like all the things I have done in my life) as a self-taught, trying a machine on the poor ankle of a friend…I let you imagine the rest. After which I went to ask for a test at a well-known tattoo artist in my area. I showed him my drawings and the next day I started!



Do you remember what was the first tattoo you did? If so, tell us what it was and for who.


As I said, the first experiment was on one of my dearest friends, it was the first for him, and for me too! It should have been simple lettering on the ankle (area not easy to tattoo for beginners) but I went too deep with the needle, breaking through the dermis and injuring the cartilage of the joint. It’s been years but when the weather changes it still hurts (laughs)


Please, tell us about your current tattoo style and how it has changed over the years.


I spent most of the years learning the technique, experimenting with all styles and doing a lot of commercial styles (lettering and symbols) but lately I feel very familiar with the colorful neo-traditional style, I love bright colors and I always try to propose them to people who get tattooed by me.


Does anyone or anything inspire you?


I am very inspired by the world of Art Nouveau and Graffiti, which is why I always try to indulge in trips that can lead me to visit places full of museums.



Are there any tattoo artists who are extremely admirable to you? If so who?


The tattoo artists I admire are many and every day I discover new ones! I was lucky enough to see some of them to tattoo my skin.



Do you have any memorable tattoo story or a customer that has stuck with you through all the time you have been tattooing?


There are many stories, I often remember them together with the colleagues I work with every day and we laugh at them together. In this job we have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with very different people and also get to know their quirks.



Is there any art form that fascinates you also except tattooing? Maybe do you have any other passion or something that you really enjoy doing? 


As I said, I love Art Nouveau, especially that of Mucha and Klimt but I am also very fascinated by Street Art and cinema in general.

Another strong passion in the past was sport, even if as an agonist I have not been able to reconcile it with the life of the tattoo artist (more demanding than it seems from the outside). At the moment tattooing is the passion that gives me the greatest gratification!



Do you like visiting or exhibiting at tattoo conventions? Would you recommend any of them?


I love to visit and get tattooed in conventions! I participated as a tattoo artist in my first two in 2019 and I wanted to continue attending others but unfortunately the global pandemic has stopped them.


In Italy there are many beautiful conventions but my favorites always remain: Florence, Milan and Rome.



Any artist you planning to get tattooed by? Who has tattooed you already?

Obviously I have tattoos by many artists on my skin, including: Debora Cherrys, Elia Leonardi, Alex Pinna, Giulia Bongiovanni, Gen.


Even if some of the favorite tattoos I carry with me were made by the tattoo artists I work with every day (Duccio Brinati, Jova Randaz, Tommigiova).


I have the plan to go to Spain to get tattooed because there are so many artists to whom I would like to give some of my skin!



What are your plans and dreams? If you think about yourself in 10 years, what do you see?


My dream would be world peace and equality in society (laughs). At the moment, however, my short-term project is to engage in the art of tattooing on a daily basis and constantly improve.


In 10 years I will be exactly forty and still see myself being part of this beautiful world of tattooing, perhaps in one of the most influential and successful tattoo shops in the country! However life is a journey full of surprises and I will be ready to welcome them.



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