MARCUS ”INKANDREALITY”; From Sweden’s Dirty South:

Marcus, or “INKANDREALITY” as he is known on Instagram, where he has close to 3000 followers currently. He is a very eager tattoo collector, who is far from done with his own personal collection. He very actively tries to develop his career as a tattoo collector, as well as his experience, working with conventions. Many of our Swedish fans might know him, as one of the co-organizers of the very popular 50 Shades of Ink Helsingborg.

Marcus truly loves tattoos, as one can clearly see, as he very artistically shows them off on his Instagram account. Getting all sorts of different styles done, by over a dozen different artists. But he also has a love for photography, which is another of his hobbies, which features quite prominently on his Instagram.

We interviewed this young Swedish tattoo collector, as the first person in a new ongoing series/feature on our site, focusing on tattoo collectors around the world.

The Interview:

1. Age and where are you from?

Im 27, soon to be 28 this summer and I live in the Dirty South of Sweden.

2. What got you interested in tattoos?

I got into tattooing very young. My dad was working as a tattoo artist in a local shop and I was spending a lot of time in the shop with him and the other two artists.

3. What was your first tattoo and when did you get it?

My first tattoo was a koifish in color, with water and flowers around it. The tattoo is on my right calf, it hurt like hell and it took me around two years to get the next one haha.

4. How many tattoos would you guess you have by now?

Hm, I don´t know. I think it depends on how you count it. I count artists instead of tattoos.

5. Is there any part of your body you would not tattoo ever?

I will never get my entire face or my d*ck tattooed.

6. Which tattoo hurt the most so far?

That must be the ribs, that hurt more than anything! About three years since the last session but hopefully I can finish it someday haha.

7. How many different artists have tattooed you?

I have so far got tattooed by 19 artists, everyone from Jacob Zamore to my own father.

8. Which tattoo is your favourite in your collection currently?

I must say my latest one, done by Jacob Zamore at BläckByrån. The tattoo is a Weasel with noodles and a crazy monster!

9. Is there an artist you dream of getting tattooed by?

There are many but I can name a few for you all: Fru Duva at BläckByrån, SneakyMitch at Dock Street Tattoos, Lorena Morato at Golden Times Atelier, Jonas Sjöbeck at The Tattoo Parlour, Jarret Livingston from Australia, Jake Danielson also from Australia and Justin Hartman at The Grand Reaper.

10. What is your next big tattooplan?

I will start on my full throat/neck piece September 18th with Jacob Zamore at BläckByrån

The Collection:

 Here we have some of the favourites from Marcus tattoo collection, as well as a list of all artists, that have worked on him so far.


Jacob Zamore – Imperial Tattoo / BläckByrån Tattoo, Sweden
Sebastian Forsberg – Studio Pärleporten, Sweden
Rebecca Knutson – Studio Artcore, Sweden
Daniel Grimberg – Gothia Ink Tattoo, Sweden
Elin Lowén – Hand & Hjärta Tatuering, Sweden
Emil – Kontrast Ink Gallery, Sweden
John – JohnQ Tattoo, Sweden
Rille – Bone Rattle Tattoo, Sweden
Isabella Cosme – Bambu Tattoo, Sweden
Adam Dorsett – Electric Haven Tattoo, USA
Alex DubLai – Straycat Tattoo, Sweden
Johan Olsson – Straycat Tattoo, Sweden
Amina Selling – Circle Tattoo Sundbyberg, Sweden
Franco – Never Die Tattoo, Sweden
Emilia Lund – Wildborn Tattoo, Sweden
Denzi – Fasta Paviljongen Tattoo, Sweden
Fredde – Riverside Tattoo, Sweden
Ea Elmgren – Black Pearl Tattoo, Sweden
My Dad – Private Shop

Final Comments:

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this first of many collector articles to come. We loved putting the spotlite on Marcus, who also has a cool blog here on our website. Please go give him a follow if you love tattoos and cool photography stuff, any where you can find him.

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