Marc Durrant; Pop Culture Lover, Big Nerd and A Great Tattoo Artist:

Marc Durrant started out later than most, in his 30’s. But with his awesome talent and great personality, we are just happy the man became a tattoo artist. Currently he is in his 40’s and has been tattooing for a decade. It definitely shows, his work with colorful and his creativity in the composition of his tattoos are incredible. Taking pop-culture and nerd references and creating amazing pieces, where he works in details and references that any true fan would love. He creates the kind of new school tattoos, that entertain the audience, where you can just keep starring at them for hours almost.

The Interview:

1. Where are you from? What age are you? and how long have you been tattooing for? 

Originally, I was born in Philadelphia, PA. but was raised mostly in Pittsburgh. I moved out to Los Angeles, California after graduating college and I’ve been here since then. I am 43 years old, but most people think I look younger, which I don’t mind. I’ve been tattooing for about a decade now.

2. The name of your current studio and where is it located?

I am currently working out of a studio called Hidden Los Angeles Tattoo and Fine Art in West Hills, California.

3. How would you describe your style of tattooing/the style of your tattoos?

Well mostly right now I am busy doing a style I created called “game frame” tattoos or “cartoon frames”. Basically, a scene of a game or cartoon in a frame of some sort. I try to keep my style more on the graphic side these days, and I try to do super clean work.

4. What is it you love about that style?

Well I love the originality of it, and I love that people come to me for it and know what they’re going to get. I love that I am working within a framework that I am passionate about.

5. What is your favourite thing about being a tattoo artist?

Being my own boss, doing art for a living, my clients and being able to support my family.

6. What got you into tattooing?

I was actually working in the video game industry for a while, trying to become an artist in that field, but it was competitive and not good timing. I knew I wanted to do art for a living. My wife has been getting tattooed at a local shop, and told me I should see if they’d take me on as an apprentice. So I tried something else that I had been interested in and it stuck. Tattooing has been the most rewarding medium for me, and I’m glad that it worked out this way.

7. What inspires your tattoos(and art) the most?

Pop culture, for sure. Whether it’s video game art, comic book artists I look up to – all of it.

8. What is your favourite tattoo you have ever done or seen?

I see great tattoo artwork everyday these days – so it’s hard to choose. I don’t think I have a favorite of mine either – they all meant something different to the client and that makes all of them important to me.

9. Do you have a dream tattoo, that you want to do on someone in the future?

I’d love to do a Godzilla, and Earthworm Jim piece. They’re two of my favorite pop culture characters.

10. Do you have any future plans, you would like your fans and the readers at Mediazink, to know about?

Of course! This next year I’m focusing on promoting my clothing brand, “Pixels By Durrant” more. I have slowly been launching the brand, which is comprised of retro and pop culture pixel clothing and artwork, but this year I want to kick it up a notch. My apparel is available through my website at

Final Comments and Gallery:

Truly Marc is the nerd’s favourite tattoo artist, you wouldn’t have to look far on social media, to find people hailing his tattoo work as the most awesome nerdy tattoos ever. Whether it is Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z, or if it is Disney Characters or your favorite videogame, old movies like Ghost Busters and the like, Marc can create an amazing tattoo from it. It is especially brilliant, how he takes one character from a given fandom and makes that character the frame, for a whole scene regarding the fandom.
Hopefully we will get to see even more of Marc Durrant in the future, both his tattoos and hopefully his clothing brand too.

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