Mandala tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs. Theoretically, it could fit into our series of articles about geometric tattoos but it is so unique that we decided to prepare a series of articles about it as well.


In our opinion, the reason why mandala tattoo now is so coveted is because geometric motifs inscribed in the shape of a circle, work wonderfully in the art of body decoration and allow you to create beautiful images on the skin. Interestingly, both men and women choose this pattern very often. And that’s probably because the mandala patterns create such a wide range of possibilities that they can be just a delicate, minimalistic tattoo or become a complicated drawing with a repetitive pattern.


Have you ever wondered what a mandala is?


The mandala is an artistic motif known from Buddhism. It is a harmonious combination of a circle and a square, of which drawing and then destroying is a kind of meditation. The mandala symbol is called the circle of life, harmony, and perfection. The circle symbolizes heaven and infinity, and the square symbolizes earth and man.


Usually, mandalas are tattooed only in black. Minimalism in the use of color contrasts wonderfully with the richness of ornamentation and detail created. Sometimes you can also see colored mandalas. Then the choice of color is also important and may carry some culturally established content. In the peculiar philosophy of mandala creation, there is also a division of the meaning of color, due to its location. However, mandala tattoos drawn in black ink (or temporary henna) are the most common, but more and more body adornment enthusiasts are opting for multi-colored designs. 


We have prepared for you only tattoos made with black ink but nevertheless, we are big fans of both black and colored designs.


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