Loyal to the coil – Addinktion in Belfast.
On the UK tour Mediazink visited the Addinktion shop in Belfast.
Dre who is the owner of the shop invited us inside and we tolk time for a talk.
You can see the interview made by Carsten Augustenborg and Dre.

Dre came to Belfast for more than 10 years ago. He started to work in different shops but almost five
years ago he started his own shop.
It really grew in size and he had to move the shop to have space enough for all the artists.

Today Addinktion is one of the popular shops in Belfast due to the hard work Dre and the
whole staff have put in. So drop by the shop, do a booking, you will be invited in with a smile
and you will feel yourselves warmly welcomed.

Photos: Jeanett Esfort.


The front disc in the shop. Beside tattooing, the shop have an impressive collection
of Gothic clothing for sale and they also have a seperate piercing location in the shop.

Dave is one of the resident artists in the shop. Always ready to create a new art piece
for the next customer.

Photo: Addinktion Belfast


Tonight at 8 PM CET we will bring to you a complete photogallery from the Belfast shop
on Mediazink´s Menu “Galleries” under Tattoo.
Until then you can have a little review here.
Below you will be able to see the
interview video made by Mediazink.

Tattooes by Dre 10269567_859287700764539_7769952975516799273_n 10312387_859290630764246_592618065925200809_nTattooes by Dre
Photo from the Addinktion Belfast facebook page.

Visit Addinktion on facebook:
 Addinktion Belfast



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