Lionel Messi and His Tattoo Artist, Roberto Lopez

 Lionel Messi is not only all about the soccer player. There are many other things about him that are really interesting thing to talk about. One of them is his big interest in the tattoo.
Yes, if you notice this star well, you can see some tattoos are written and drawn on some parts of his body.
Sure, when he is wearing his uniform, those tattoos are simply seen on his arms.

 He is Roberto Lopez, the one who creates tattoos on Messi’s body multiple times.
Their relationship is known to be very tight. More than just a professional tattoo maker,
Lopez is also known as one of Messi’s die-hard fans.
So, you should not dare to tease Messi in front of Lopez’ face.
Here are then some tattoos on Messi’s body that are created by the artist.

 His Mom’s Face

First of all, there is Messi’s mom’s face. Well, it is clear that he loves his mom so much and always talks about his mother, saying that she is the most important person in his life.
In many interviews, Messi always says that there are continuous supports given to him,
from his mother even since he was still kids. That’s why; having her tattoo is his way to show his love to his mom.

 His Kids’ Names

Messi and his girlfriend, Antonella Rocuzzo has two sons; Thiago and Mateo.
Of course, he didn’t miss this chance to perpetuate the boys’ names in the form of tattoo.
The name Thiago is seen on his left thigh anyway.

 A Sword, a Ball, and Number 10

It is not clearly known what this tattoo means.
However, it seems that those things are closely related to his job and personality.
Even the tattoo is placed on his most precious thing; his leg.
Maybe, the only picture that can be simply defined is the 10 number.
Well, it may refer to his back number. Messi got many critics related to his tattoo.
However, he is still confident with it, inside and outside the field.

 A Rose

The next famous tattoo owned by Messi is a rose, placed on his right elbow.
Based on the artist, Roberto Lopez, Messi really wants this tattoo to be perfect.
Slightly, the rose tattoo is very similar to a window of a famous church in Barcelona,
Sagrada Familia.
The tattoo has a meaning that the famous player really loves the city although originally,
he came from Rosario, Argentina.