Carl Grace has been tattooing for eleven years, establishing himself as an accomplished up-and-coming tattoo artist. After bringing his talent as a charcoal artist and illustrator to his works on skin, Carl developed a notable style of dark black-and-gray realism. Carl’s most recent forays into color have won him numerous awards at tattoo conventions and brought him recognition from various magazines.

The world class tattoo artist believes in three word.
Life. Love. Liberty.
These three simple words are the core of  his beliefs and his art.
“Life and love: Do nothing halfway. Pursue your passions, ferociously.
Liberty: Be who are, not what others expect. Make your mark.”


Carl Grace has always been artist, drawing his entire life, from cartooning classes at the age of 12 to college courses at 20. Pencil, ink, charcoal style, all definitely point to his years doing charcoals. Carl Grace started his tattooing career in 1998 under as an apprentice under Boston John at Skin Grafix in Arcadia, CA. The shop moved nine months after he started and Carl went back to school. He finally rejoined the tattoo world in 2008 after getting more education and improving upon his art.

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Private Picture:

He won his first award at the Tucson Tattoo Expo convention and has since won many others.

His style of tattooing is monochromatic with a high contrast of black and gray. Completely filled areas without a lot of open, untouched skin.
His favourites include his beautiful, broken girls and the Freehand demonic. Most of his styles are dark, with a lot of black.
The only thing he looks for in a tattoo is ‘Realism’.

His biggest challenge so far has been colored tattooing, and would definitely be more comfortable doing a realistic black and gray portrait of anything than a colored one. His demonic freehand, the dark and the demented comes straight from his head. Usually he just gets right infront of the client with a clear mind, only with a sharpie. He asks the preferences and more importantly what the client does not want. Many of his realistic portrait tattoos are simply black and gray with subtle hints of reds and blues, which he adds to give the tattoo piece a more dimensional affect. He uses deep shadows and light shading to give the piece depth.

Carl Grace is very particular about work ethic. According to him, “This is my life, and people recognize an artist who loves what he does from a tattooer who just wants to make money.”
His only aim is to create beautiful pieces of art. He puts his work above everything else.
His love for art and tattooing clearly show sin his work and work ethic. He will be drawing, if not tattooing. His inspiration rises from everything, most random of things. His work clearly reflects his attitude towards life and beauty. A man who creates extraordinary art, his attitude and talent making it more beautiful. He can be reached easily online, his products are aslo easily available.