Leah Jung is a professional singer/songwriter, model, actress, and writer in New York City. Her modeling has been published internationally countless times, including 40 book and magazine COVERS, totaling well over one million copies sold with her face on the front. In addition to being “one of the world’s most recognizable women used in media that targets tattoo culture” (Tattoo’d Lifestyle magazine), she has had articles of her non-fiction writing published in numerous magazines, including being a regular columnist in four different publications, one even being translated into Norwegian. Her first lead acting role, in a short film called “Tattitude,” was the opening film for Irvine Welsh’s (of Trainspotting fame) 2013 release at the Santa Cruz Film Festival. Her first major commercial, in 2013, was an Evian water advertisement that amassed over 90 million views on Youtube, was highlighted on shows like Good Morning America, and was played in New York’s infamous Times Square. Her new single and music video, “Mean Streak” debuts in 2014. for serious inquiries, e-mail leahjung.info@gmail.com -Credits list below.


What Others Have Said

“When Amy Winehouse left this world, she left a void. Many are the singers that have tried to fill that space, be it Duffy, Adele or the newest summer star, they will fight for this privileged place within the bohemian ‘pop’ scene… But if you ask our opinion, who could take R&B to another level, without even having to make an effort, is Leah Jung.” -Tattoos and Piercing Magazine

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“She is incredibly smart and unbelievably attractive. She is creative and well organized. She can convey the same message through her eyes or her voice. Either way, this well traveled New York native will leave her mark on your ears, eyes and mind and you may never be the same.” -JJ Diablo, Prick magazine


“Not only has she conquered the tattooed modeling industry and charmed readers through her literary prowess, she has also risen through the cacophony of new musical artists to stand tall with her uniquely beautiful yet haunting voice. If we were in ancient Greece, she would be luring sailors to their doom!” -Tat2 Magazine


“…her voice is indeed unconventional; it wavers between low husky tones to a fuller cry in her higher range, married with a thin vibrato similar to Gwen Stefani’s. The result is a vulnerable, introspective sound, which makes it curiously enticing.” -Solis Magazine


“It’s really rare as a photographer to have just about every image you take at a session be a ‘good one.’ Leah has an amazing ability to make images unique, interesting and appealing on a consistent basis.” -Sawicki Studios


“It’s not a household name just yet, but take our word for it, it soon will be! Leah Jung is not only a … captivating beauty at first sight; she also has stunning body art that makes her all the more of a pleasure to look at. But if that wasn’t enough, Leah Jung can sing her ass off! And that my friends, is the main reason why Leah is on the come up.” -Playa’s Only online magazine.