Photo by Kamila Burzymowska.

Kinga Naffti Damaziak

Psycho Dolls Group Leader In Valentine’s Photo Session


We recently met at the Valentine’s photo session. February 14th is a day that some people love and others hate. What is your attitude towards Valentine’s Day?

In my case it changes… Usually I have pejorative feelings, but this year I celebrate this holiday with a special person, so call me naive but I approach in a romantic way… I’m happy about this nonsense.


I know you mainly because you are a performer and a model. How long have you been perforforming on the stage and how did it start? 

I would never call myself a model that’s for start… It’s actually a funny story… I am or rather I was the most complex person in the world… It has changed and I am very happy with who I am but I am far from being a model… When it comes to being a performer, the story is funny… I worked at the organization of the world championships in fmx “NIGHT OF THE JUMPS” and we were looking for attractions… bikes, athletic guys, adrenaline, fire… How can this be improved? I thought that it would be nice to add a nice, sexy girl dancing with fire… A group like that and that I did not find… So I said fuck it… If you can’t find what you need – invent it!… So learned everything by the method of trial and error, not w/o hospitalization – so kids! DO NOT DO IT AT HOME!!! And then I named it, and I found crazy enough and talented people who trust me and are not afraid of what we do to join me.



What can you call your greatest achievement as a performer and what as a model?

As I said… I don’t feel like a model… maaaybe model from insta 😉 But going back to question…? Fuck… Hard to tell… I think that the interview here is on the same level as the rest… We love and appreciate every opportunity and love what we get.

Thanks to your passion you travel around the world. Where do you perform best and what is most important to you during performances?

Another difficult question… I love every place where we had a chance to perform, but because of my love for fire, the more space, the more possibilities, so I would have to say that arena’s is a goal… but, for example, as we’ve been on small as chicken coop stage with Machine Gun Kelly and…fuck vibe beats everything, so each event is unique in its own way.


You are the head of the Polish fire group Psycho Dolls. Have you ever thought about a solo career or have you always felt best performing with a group?

Call me naive… but I believe that in the group there is strength… I will not lie, it is hard to be as you called the head of the group. but! In the group I have strong AF personalities … god damn how talented they are!!… Hands down I could not imagine a better squad and trust me many tried to join… Each of us is an individualist, each of us has a strong character, but I’m still glad that I am next to so strong and opiniated personality and not fucking amoebas without a soul or heart…so no, no solo career for me. 



Is there any person or group of people with whom you dream to perform together as a Psycho Dolls? Maybe there is also a place where you would most like to do the show?

FUEL GIRLS – I will always respect them and talk highly of them. But there none… PSYCHO DOLLS are my whole heart… My child… My soul…


You are also taking part in photo sessions. Does the ability to work in front of the camera help during performances?

Yes it helps a lot but self love its first step. When I reached that I became shameless.


What would you say to yourself and what advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the time when you started perform on the stage?

Respect, respect and most deff respect… Primarily for the element of fire… Don’t underestimate the power of that. Stay humble. Know the place u belong to… 



How do tattoos on your body affect your career?

Unfortunately yes but fuck that.. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger – I am who I am and I am here thx to that.


What do you like most about being a performer and what about being a model?

When it comes to the role of a model – I love to be a different person for a moment… but it’s my nature… I love Halloween and every occasion when I can dress up as something or someone else will make me happy as a kid for xmas in july 😉 and capturing it in a picture… Just wow! When it comes to our show it’s at a different level… I just feel I’m alive… Nothing in this world makes me so in power as the feeling of playing with fire.


What are your other hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

Here, unfortunately, or fortunately, I will not invent anything new… I like typical things when I have a day/ week/ or in this covid case year off… I like to travel, horseback riding, meet friends for a beer in a bar or watch TV series – what will I do after writing an answer to your questions.



What would be your greatest professional achievement you’ve ever dreamed of?

It comes as I go…but I always dream of family. So hopefully it will happen for me soon. 


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All photos were taken by Kamila Burzymowska.

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