Kelly Robitaille


What art form do you do? Please, describe it.

I create surreal art and fine art photography

What makes your works stand out?

I think my work stands out, because its out of the box and not something that usually is seen within the photographic community. 

I guess your works have changed over time, along with your skills and interests. How did this transformation look like for you?

I used to create my art using pencils and paints, now I only create using the photographic medium and photoshop to create digital art.

What is your greatest professional achievement?

I dont know if I specifically have one. Winning a solo gallery through KelbyOne and being flown out to Florida to host my gallery is one. I have also had several celebrities see my work and thats always a great feeling.

What and who inspires you? Are there any artists who are admirable to you? If so, who?

I’m inspired by anything victorian aesthetic and anything with dark undertones, such as Tim Burton, or artist Sophia Rapata

Is there any person you dream of working with in the future?

I would DIE if I had the chance to work with Tim Burton, or Melanie Martinez, I think my style is right on brand for her!

Please tell us about your most interesting projects. Are you working on something special for you right now? If so, please describe it.

I’m currently involved in The Alchemists Library, which is a library of digital art and photography tutorials put out by 15 of some of the industry leaders. Its only available until the first week of November and then will no longer be up for sale! I’m also currently working on a series called “I Still Exist” based around the westernized interpretation of Ghosts and putting them into our current surroundings. 

How would you imagine a perfect exhibition of your works?

I would love to have my work showcased along side other artists who are creating similar aesthetic, such as fashion, doll making, jewellery etc. I think that would be an incredible opportunity and a great way to show the merging of various mediums. 



Do you have any other passion or something that you enjoy doing?

Of course photography, but portraiture instead of surreal. I also love drawing, though I dont do it much anymore.

What are your plans and dreams? If you think about yourself in 10 years, what do you see?

I hope to continue to see my name and artwork grow. I would love to able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle by selling my art and working with clients. 

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