Josh Payne

Josh is a well known tattoo artists who works at Alchemist Art Studios
in Cortland – New York, USA. Josh is also the winner of Ink Master Season
10. When you check his portfolio, you see that he do a lot of various styles.

Josh started tattooing when he was only 16 years old and actully use
the skills to put himself through college. Before he started tattooing his
dream was to be a special effects artist for movies. But I guess that
changed when he picked up the tattoo machine.

Josh have done a lot of traveling around the world, creating tattoos.
He has been tattooing in Europe, South America and Australia, to name
a few places. He has over 200.000 followers on Instagram nowadays and
he sure is a busy tattoo artist, and he deserves it.

Check out some of his amazing work, and don´t forget to check his Instagram: