A Sculpture is a memory, its a picture, a moment of imagined fantasy, its a new world of thought opened to the mind. Jordan Anderson, Wood Carver from Bird Creek, Alaska.

I want to give the world more than just a recognizable shape. I want to give them a perspective of my art in every detail of my sculptures. My goal is to put a piece of my soul in each of my works. -Jordan Anderson-

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Bottom line is this Is Sculpture. I started Sculpting because its an experience and its a fight with the mind to hold back, or move forward. For the most part wood sculpture is about subtraction and depth perception. One must be in constant training to execute a recognizable sculpture. A humble student if you will. Then the point comes where that recognizable shape needs detail, perspective, and imagination. Sculpture should be something to observe and study, to be photographed with friends and family, and be a piece of fantasy on your property or in your home. Sculpture Is a memory, its a statement, a famous quote. Its to be shared and enjoyed for a lifetime.
I could have never imagined all of that happening but now I sculpt for people all over the World.


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