Michał Mozolewski is an artist based in Gdansk, Poland. He intersects the lines of impressionist art, photography and digital illustration. At the foundation of each work is a photograph, which is digitally manipulated in color, texture, and composition.



What art form do you do? Please, describe it.

My works are based on photos and materials such as acrylics, textures. During the creation process, it is important to choose the right photo for the specific effect. It is surprising how the use of simple acrylic scans gives such a complex art form.


What makes your works stand out?

It is difficult for me to answer this question, after few years of work I became humble. I have probably developed my own style, I like flow, lightness and minimalism in my compositions. On the one hand, my works can be easily recognized, on the other hand, they are a trap of attachment to what is being created, for identification.


I guess your works have changed over time, along with your skills and interests. How did this transformation look like for you?

I started creating in 2007. At first, they were simple photomontages of landscape elements. Then I switched to working on models’ photos. In 2013, I started using acrylic textures. The combination of the painting brush effect with the photos delighted me, I still use these techniques nowadays. In 2014 I started to combine 3d and 2d techniques using elements of models and 3d objects to work in photoshop. I am self-taught. I am constantly learning by mixing different techniques.



What is your greatest professional achievement?

It started in 2012 with a cover for the band Esember Pearl which included (Atsuo, Kurihara, Herzog and O’Malley) .// Sunn O))) + Boris. In 2013, I had the pleasure to work with fashion designer Alexandre Plokhov. Graphics prepared for his collections were worn by Jared Leto. Then I had a few other interesting cooperations like the one for Medicine (clothes collection) or cooperation with a film studio for the Korean action movie “Real” (several works were exposed in the scenery of the film). There was also an exhibition of works at Unit London and a publication in Big Up Magazine. An interesting experience was the creation of posters for the Tattoo Konwent fairs in 2019.



What and who inspires you? Are there any artists who are admirable to you? If so, who?

Many modern creators of digital art have an influence on my work, but I am not able to identify a specific artist. I am inspired by the image, music, game, film, surroundings, the human being. During the creative process, I listen to music. An impulse appears, there is flow, and the work creates itself.

I didn’t graduate from any of art school, and I didn’t study names of artists or techniques by heart. I was developing my art work on the basis of trials and errors and may it continue :).


Is there any person you dream of working with in the future?

I didn’t really thought about it. Everyone whom I meet on my way teaches me and inspires me to continue my art work.


Please tell us about your most interesting projects. Are you working on something special for you right now? If so, please describe it.

Currently, I am not conducting any major projects. In fact I have space and time for photo sessions with models, creating new works at the same time.


How would you imagine a perfect exhibition of your works?

Just imagine: loft, large-format works, media, animation, with good music … cool right? 🙂


Do you have any other passion or something that you enjoy doing?

I am interested in human being and his perception of reality, the universe with all its massive energy around and alien forms of lives. And as for an artist, I am inspired by my partner 🙂


What are your plans and dreams? If you think about yourself in 10 years, what do you see?

I’m not looking much ahead 🙂 Having constantly inspiration and conditions for creative work, it’s enough for me on this level 🙂



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