In Your Face; Confronting Tattoo Prejudice:

In your face confronting tattoo prejudice‘ is the title of a cool project, done by Real Stories Original, which took the internet by storm a couple of months ago. The project is a short video documentary. The subject has been done before, but not a lot and never like this. This documentary can truly be said to confront tattoo prejudice, in one interesting way.

In the project we follow 3 individuals who are, to say the least, heavily tattooed. One of them is the famous British tattoo model Becky Holt. All of these individuals have most of their bodies covered in tattoos. But more strikingly, they all have their faces tattooed. All of them are also, completely law abiding people, they just love tattoos to the extreme.

In the project/documentary, we get to know these people. Why they love tattoos, what got them into it, and what bad experiences they have had previously. This is all standard, but still a nice touch, before we get to the heart of the project. Then we follow these people on the street, where they are given a simple mission, while cameras film them, ask people for change on the street, while holding a note to get changed.

What Happens:

‘In your face’ quickly gets very interesting. Now we do not know what happens behind the scenes, but the scenes we are shown from the street, paint a very sad picture. Most people don’t even react to any of the 3 individuals and the few that do, mainly tell them off or insult them. In one case, a man even asks one of the participants of the project, if he is going to mug him? They actually strike up a conversation with this man, who reveals how the tattoos made him see the man as a thug.

However, it is not all bad. the participants also get the task to go apply for jobs, in chains that normally do not allow visible tattoos. Despite the online company policies, all supervisors the 3 participants talk to, say that their tattoos do not matter. However, they are all told to apply online, instead of hand in their cv, which as they speculate in the documentary, is because they want to be polite. Letting them figure out online that tattoos are not allowed.

By the end of the project, the really interesting part starts. We have all seen tattoos covered with makeup before, to an extent where tattoos are no longer visible. That is what is done to all 3 participants. We see how they react to the no tattoos look themselves, all of them not feeling like themselves. But we also see them once again take to the streets. Where the reactions to them, are completely different, people engage with them very easily and actually strike up conversations with them.

Final Comment:

In Your Face was truly a fascinating project. Hopefully a lot of people are going to watch the short video and perhaps even share it with friends. It is a sad world we live in, even if those people do look extreme, where people can’t be themselves. Where people, who are law abiding and good people, can’t be allowed to look the way they want to be.
People, no matter how heavily tattooed they are, no matter their hair color, clothing style etc. should be respected and treated nicely. That is the beautiful lesson taught to us by this project.

Hopefully enough people will see this and learn from it. Perhaps it will teach people to not have too much prejudice. At least the video gives you some hope, as it also shows every positive reaction the participants get, to their tattoos.
Believe it or not, their are some very positive reactions in there, not many, but they are there. People were, luckily and interestingly enough, not as shocked as expected.

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