In worst case you could die

My name is Cecilia I was born i Copenhagen in 1992.
For many years I was working as a piercer in different stores in CHP. In 2012 I decided that I wanted to join the circus industry.
Few days later I meet a man that told me, he wanted to teach me they old fakirs secrets. I came to visit him several times a week for months, and after 6 months, I decided that I wanted to learn, the hardest discipline in the industry.
Sword swallowing.

It’s important to tell that not anyone is able to swallow a sword.
Its a long proces to start, and the first step is to practice every day for months to extent your own neck. And to be able to get the sword down in your throat in the right ankel, and you are not guaranteed any successfully result.
What is also a important fact to mention is that most accidents,
do not happens on stage, but when you are rehearsal.

Cecilia Gosila 01

We are less than a few dozen professional sword swallowers left, that actively performing the 4000 year old ancient art around the world today.
The most comment injuries is scatches in the esophagus or lasting neck pain.

In worst case you could die. There is 29 people registered died of swallowing swords since 1893 (source SSAI)

Cecilia Gosila 02

After 2 years of performing on a hobby level 
I decided that I wanted some discipline circus training.
So I applied for the circus school in Denmark, and came as a student from 2014 to 2016.

In 2016 after working in the abroad for some time, included Dubai.
I came back to CPH to finish my last six month, on the circus school and luckily accidentally became pregnant. Yes, off course I was still working. We are less than a handful of female sword swallowers in the world that have ever performed whit sword swallowing live on stages doing pregnancy.

Cecilia Gosila 03

Im now based in Copenhagen whit my son, performing on all kinds of event, theaters and festivals in the whole world. If you have any ideas do not hesitate sending me a mail or give a call.

Cecilia Gosila 04